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  • Brazil Brazil
  • The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th…
  • Talk to Her Talk to Her
  • Oleanna Oleanna
  • Henry Henry

He says She says

41 films 63 266

Out of the thousands of films we have seen, my husband Jonathan and I agree what must be near 98%…

  • 3-Iron 3-Iron
  • Mother Mother
  • J.S.A. Joint Security Area J.S.A. Joint Security Area
  • Election Election
  • Distant Distant

Sunday mornings with coffee

67 films 74 122

Face it. Sometimes you don't want to watch a foreign, slow-paced or long film at the end of the day.…

  • Persona Persona
  • Torremolinos 73 Torremolinos 73
  • A Town Called Panic A Town Called Panic
  • Ajami Ajami
  • Anatomy of a Murder Anatomy of a Murder

What a Wonderful World 2014

30 films 75 390

List updated May 7

The Challenge
Watch and review 30 films from 30 different countries in the month of May.…

  • Shelf Life Shelf Life

Shelf Porn

1 film 19 74

Show off your collection with pictures. What do you use to store your dvds and blu-rays?

(because Shreerang Dixit asked)

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey 2001: A Space Odyssey

Hal's Birthday - watch 2001 on Jan 12

1 film 73 118

Thanks to all participants in 2014.
The next viewing will be Monday Jan 12 2015

Read all the reviews here…

  • Army of Shadows Army of Shadows
  • Passenger Passenger
  • Nights of Cabiria Nights of Cabiria
  • High and Low High and Low
  • My Neighbor Totoro My Neighbor Totoro

Discovered in 2013 - Thanks Letterboxd!

21 films 53 40

The best films I've seen in 2013 with big thank you's to Letterboxders who recommended them (see Notes).

I highly…

  • Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles
  • Almayer's Folly Almayer's Folly
  • A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
  • Border Radio Border Radio
  • Gas Food Lodging Gas Food Lodging

Female Directors

287 films 94 62

A list of films directed by women, in alphabetical order by director. The notes show the director's country, name and…

  • In the Mood for Love In the Mood for Love
  • The Thin Red Line The Thin Red Line
  • Army of Shadows Army of Shadows
  • Babette's Feast Babette's Feast
  • Nights of Cabiria Nights of Cabiria

The films I love

102 films 50 51

They aren't necessarily the 'best' movies (although some are). They are simply the movies I love. They aren't necessarily in…

  • Les Misérables Les Misérables
  • Lincoln Lincoln
  • Argo Argo
  • Amour Amour
  • Life of Pi Life of Pi

Oscars 2013 (and Oscar Pool)

53 films 106 285

Go here for the 2014 Oscar Pool

The 2013 Oscar Pool is now closed. Results will be posted Monday morning.…

  • Passenger Passenger
  • The White Meadows The White Meadows
  • Polytechnique Polytechnique
  • Man Facing Southeast Man Facing Southeast
  • A Somewhat Gentle Man A Somewhat Gentle Man

Some great and some good films seen by less than 100 people

152 films 50 38

Created July 2013.
The first 50 films are some of my favourites that have been viewed by less than 100*…

  • The Vanishing The Vanishing
  • The Man from Nowhere The Man from Nowhere
  • Headhunters Headhunters
  • Infernal Affairs Infernal Affairs
  • Memories of Murder Memories of Murder

Danish Die-Hard: The Best non-English Thriller/Action Movies

63 films 44 68

What are the best non-English thriller/action movies that you can recommend? You know, the kind you look forward to watching…

  • Miss Julie Miss Julie
  • Maps to the Stars Maps to the Stars
  • Mr. Turner Mr. Turner
  • The Drop The Drop
  • Force Majeure Force Majeure

TIFF 2014

11 films 14 25

I'll update this list when I've narrowed down my TIFF selections For now I'm using Evernote to track the films…