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  • Meet the Spartans Meet the Spartans
  • Catwoman Catwoman
  • Boat Trip Boat Trip
  • Battlefield Earth Battlefield Earth
  • Kazaam Kazaam

Películas con ébola

Evita cualquier contacto directo con ellas.

  • Only Lovers Left Alive Only Lovers Left Alive
  • Frank Frank
  • Under the Skin Under the Skin
  • Gone Girl Gone Girl
  • The Skeleton Twins The Skeleton Twins
  • The Little Foxes The Little Foxes
  • Roman Holiday Roman Holiday
  • The Best Years of Our Lives The Best Years of Our Lives
  • Detective Story Detective Story
  • The Big Country The Big Country

Rankend #3: William Wyler

Fernando Costa

Fernando Costa 16 films 2

"Perhaps one of the distinctive qualities of a skillful 'scientist' of mise en scène is that he avoids proceeding from…

  • Hostel Hostel
  • A Clockwork Orange A Clockwork Orange
  • Saw Saw
  • Oldboy Oldboy
  • Vertigo Vertigo

30 Even Scarier Movie Moments (In Progress)

Han Solo

Han Solo 17 films 2

All the movies on the list here are ones that I've watched and I'll try to get reviews up as…

  • Chronicle Chronicle
  • Maniac Maniac
  • [REC] [REC]
  • Europa Report Europa Report
  • The Blair Witch Project The Blair Witch Project

Found Footage


ScreeningNotes 9 films 4

"Turn the camera off!"

This list makes me feel like I have bad taste.

A bigger, better, more inclusive list…

  • Badlands Badlands
  • Days of Heaven Days of Heaven
  • The Tree of Life The Tree of Life
  • Strange Days Strange Days
  • God Told Me To God Told Me To

Films Mentioned in "Approaching the End: Imagining Apocalypse in American Film" by Peter Labuza

Films mentioned by Peter Labuza in his book "Approaching the End" in the order in which they were mentioned.


  • Black Coal, Thin Ice Black Coal, Thin Ice
  • Coming Home Coming Home
  • The Golden Era The Golden Era
  • Sea Fog Sea Fog
  • Hill of Freedom Hill of Freedom
  • Salem's Lot Salem's Lot
  • The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
  • Nosferatu Nosferatu
  • The Cat and the Canary The Cat and the Canary
  • The Man Who Laughs The Man Who Laughs

Last Exit to Hoop-Tober (Hoop-Tober Challenge)


lobsta 31 films 1

Last Exit to Hoop-Tober (Hoop-Tober Challenge)
Awesome idea to get around to watching more Horror films and to push myself…

  • Birdman Birdman
  • Whiplash Whiplash
  • Foxcatcher Foxcatcher
  • Big Hero 6 Big Hero 6
  • The Interview The Interview

[Updated] Most Anticipated Films for the Remainder of 2014

The original list I made has changed so much, I've removed, lowered, highered some films, and I've seen new trailers…

  • Wake in Fright Wake in Fright
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • Black Sunday Black Sunday
  • Fright Night Fright Night
  • Re-Animator Re-Animator

Do not read the Latin! - Horroctober 2014

Felix H.

Felix H. 6 films 2

First time I'm going to join the Horroctober madness.

These are Cinemonster's rules:
- there must be 31 horror films…