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  • Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump

    Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump


    I wonder how this special would've played out if it was filmed today.

  • The Social Network

    The Social Network


    "Mark, give me the ZUCC!" -Mark Zuckerberg

    The Social Network is one of the few capital G great films of the 21st century, a feat that is accomplished not only by it's perfect technical prowess but also in it's ability to be both a character study and of relevance to the era it is in.

    On all forefronts, The Social Network is crafted superbly with typically fantastic directing from David Fincher, a supremely sharp script from Aaron Sorkin and a…

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  • Nocturnal Animals

    Nocturnal Animals


    "I care. It pisses me off."

    Director/Writer/Producer/Fashion Designer Tom Ford brings 2016 a well rounded kick to the balls in one of the best films of the year. Any film starring Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal will get me to buy a ticket, but both of them in the same film? You bet I'm seeing that as soon as possible, and god fucking damn did it deliver.

    This is a film about how we use mediums to understand one another,…

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    When I first saw LA LA LAND, I noted something about it that took up a large amount of the review. I said, "the film hits the brakes unexpectedly sometime during the end of the second act and it feels like whiplash in the pacing department. Everything before this 30~ minute change of pace is absolutely amazing, perfection perfected. However, once the music stops a-comin', it goes from being 'timeless classic that could challenge being added into my top 10…