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  • Amélie 2001

    ★★★★½ Rewatched 23 Jul, 2014 33

    My name is Adam Cook and I’m a hopeless romantic. I’ve tried to hide it and keep it a secret but the truth is that there’s nothing better than getting swept away in a romance and cinema is the best medium for capturing that intoxicating feeling. From the grand gesture of A Matter of Life and Death to the tentative delights of Before Sunrise, film has captured love in its many shapes and sizes.

    One of the finest love stories…

  • We're the Millers 2013

    ★★ Watched 22 Jul, 2014 5

    We’re the Millers continues the long and seemingly never-ending streak of underwhelming modern comedies. Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber (Dodgeball), this high concept comedy sees a pot dealer create a fake family in order to transport a large shipment across the Mexican border without detection. Hiring an unemployed stripper, street-smart runaway and idiot neighbour they set out on an RV trip to collect the stash.

    On paper the film had a fair bit going for it: The ridiculous premise had…

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  • A Thousand Words 2012

    Watched 07 Dec, 2012 107

    A thousand words to describe A Thousand Words:

    Abhorrent, appalling, atrocious, awe-inspiring, awesomely bad, awful, bad, beastly, bollocks, contemptible, dangerous, desperate, dire, disastrous, disturbing, dread, dreaded, dreadful, extreme, fearful, feckless, frightful, fucked, fucked-up, frightening, ghastly, gruesome, harrowing, hateful, hideous, horrendous, horrible, horrid, horrifying, inconvenient, loathsome, monstrous, naff, nondescript, nonentity, obnoxious, odious, offensive, petrifying, poor, repulsive, revolting, rotten, serious, severe, shocking, shit, shitty, shitfest, shitstain, smelly, toss, unfortunate, unnerving, unpleasant, unwelcome, vile, wank, abject, abominable, bad, base, beggarly, cheap, crass, currish,…

  • Children of Men 2006

    ★★★★★ Rewatched 20 Mar, 2012 74

    Although highly regarded by many I'm still not convinced it is appreciated as much as it should be. For me this is one of the finest science fiction films of all time, perhaps not as influential as Metropolis, Blade Runner et al but every bit as brilliant.

    It manages to achieve what many sci-fi films do not, it manages to not only deliver a unique dystopic concept but also deliver a rich and moving emotional journey too. Too often genre…