Stalker 2010 ★½

Directed by Martin Kemp (yes, that Martin Kemp), Stalker is a remake of the now largely forgotten House on Straw Hill about a writer and a murderous and obsessive personal assistant. Kemp has changed the sex of the lead character this time around but Linda Hayden still makes an appearance, dropping in for a cameo role. If you are going to remake a film then remaking one that was never great to begin with and is now relatively unknown is a decent strategy, the problem is when you don’t rectify the problems with the original movie and instead add a bunch of new ones.

Even back in 1976 the story of an obsessive relationship that led to murder was familiar to all and Kemp does little to differentiate Stalker from the hundred other films with the same conceit. Not only does the film fail to mix things up but it also fails to wring any tension from the scenario or adequately play with the fractured mental state of the characters. It doesn’t help that lead actress, Anna Brecon, is bloody useless. Her attempts at acting are laughable throughout so much so she makes both co-stars, Jane March and Colin Salmon, look like Oscar winning actors. Having such a piss poor actress in the lead role stops you from ever being able to invest in her struggle and fight for survival. At least the fleeting bursts of violence were reasonably handled but these moments are never enough to save the film.


  • So for a second there I was wondering why you gave such a low rating to the Tarkovsky film.

  • Don't be silly, everybody knows Tarkovsky's Stalker is a two star film.

  • Colin Salmon AND Jane March in the same film?! Wow. And that's Anna Brecon as in Emmerdale fame, I believe? What a cast.

  • I find it odd that Mr Cook hasn't done a Tarkovsky's Stalker review... This probably has something to do with the cold war...

    Sidenote: Two star film? *flips table and walks out*

  • @Steve: I'll have to take your word for her being in Emmerdale. It does explain why she was so rubbish.

    @Claire: It's not the worst film the Horror Channel have shown but definitely not worth recording. They are showing Red, White and Blue tonight which is a much better movie.

    @Ahab: I haven't reviewed any of Tarkovsky's films on here yet actually. I've been waiting for them to come out on Blu-Ray before revisiting them all. For the record I do actually really like his Stalker.

  • wuuut this review was mentioned in a wikipedia article

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