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I can handle the truth.


  • @SriK: So he does. Thanks for the correction. I'll edit my review.

  • Excellent, that was one goddamn analysis :). I think what P. T. Anderson is trying to show is the ambiguous and two-sided nature of human beings. You don't get anymore honest than this in portraying the human nature as a whole. All that contradictions that you mentioned, in my opinion, are indications of what might be the good side of Daniel Plainview. The side that he oppresses, because he's afraid his caring for anyone but himself, might get in his way of success. It's one of the things that's so refreshing about P. T. A's films: Its core difference with the American cinema in creating characters. It's so naturalistic. No simplifying whatsoever: The world is what it is, don't delude yourself.
    I hope I don't have an annoying dosage of nonsense in my comment.

  • @Ali: There isn't a single dose of nonsense in your comments! In both his last two films, PTA has been interested in showing the dual sides of human nature so I think you're spot on.

  • Thanks, and I think it's not just him, It's also a theme of Darren Aronofsky's films. The Wrestler and Black Swan are Great movies dealing with this ''dark" material. Both Daniel Plainview and Randy Robinson, due to lack of love, engage in activities that makes them even more drowned in their own evil. Randy by self-harm, Daniel by diving more and more in his business affairs and his ruthless sense of competition. Not to mention the extremes Nina Sayers goes to get the role of Swan Queen. These are very sad portrayals of society.

  • For me, this is the most perfect film of the 21st century. Every single filmmaking aspect here is a work of perfection. And I didn't even find it good enough on my first watch & was easily bored... But the second viewing simply felt like I was shot by a diamond bullet right through my forehead.

    My fav Paul Thomas Anderson film, my fav Daniel Day-Lewis performance. Great review, Sir.

  • @CinemaClown: It certainly excels in every department. It might not be my favourite PTA film (I have a greater connection to Punch-Drunk Love) but I can't deny that it is probably his best.

  • I still have to watch Punch-Drunk Love. Keep postponing it for unknown reasons. Loved all his other films that I've seen though.

  • You really must. It is a very special film and even makes Sandler bearable.

  • I will... and as far as Adam Sandler is concerned, I haven't seen a single work of his (Am I lucky or what? :D) & I think Punch-Drunk Love will be my first n probably my last :P

  • You should double-bill it with Jack and Jill.

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