10 Worst Films

For Peter Pibson's community poll

Based on my larger 100 Most Hated Films list

Check the list view as I have reviews for most of these.

  • FRED: The Movie


  • My Sister's Keeper


  • Annie


  • Crash


  • Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close


  • The Future


  • Me and You and Everyone We Know


  • He's Just Not That Into You


  • I Don't Know How She Does It


  • Elizabethtown



  • This list is accurate

  • each to his own...... some wouldn't be in my top 10

  • These kind of lists are always kind of hard to approach because any sane person would know that there are obviously a lot of movies that are way worse that those on this list. For example: for as much as we like to trash the Oscars, and though they make a lot of dumb decisions, an Oscar nominated movie could never be one of the "worst ever". That's Razzie territory, that's "The Hottie and the Nottie" territory. That's why I always think these list should be named the "most disappointing". Because anyone who thinks these are the top 10 "worst" movies ever made is just grasping for attention.

  • Not sure if this has been addressed, but You're So Cupid is mysteriously absent on this list, Adam.

  • I respect your opinion, but I feel I'd just have to say that Crash and Me and You and Everyone We Know were films I gave an A+ and an A, I think they are GREAT movies. What did you hate about Crash? That always puzzle me when people say they dislike it. In my opinion, it's the best film about racism of all time. It tackles the topic from all sides. The directing, acting and storytelling is amazing. Please tell me what you thought was so horrible about it that you consider it one of the worst ever.

  • Extremely loud and Incredibly Close was kind of boring, but I wouldn't go so far as to call it one of the worst movies of all time. I would much rather see some of the shit that Dreamworks dishes out on here (Monsters vs Aliens as a shining example). I still agree with Fred though. That one inspired a very deep hatred that I was unaware I could posses for any one thing until that point.

  • @Bertram Julius Krogh Crash might be THE most unrealistic portrayal of race relations ever put on film. It's the EXACT opposite of Do the Right Thing.

  • Bertram - Adam's reviewed both those films as he mentions under the list view, so why not read his reviews to see why he hates them?

  • How did The Creeping Terror (1964) not make this list?

  • Elizabeth is definitely one of the most disappointing movies of my life. After it premiered in Toronto it was so reviled that Cameron Crowe left town immediately and had TIFF make an announcement before the screening the next morning for people not to review it because it was being re-cut.
    There's only one film called Crash and it was made by Cronenberg. Paul Haggis is still a dick for not renaming it.
    Love Miranda July though.

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