100 Most Overrated Films

This is not a list of the films I necessarily think are bad - see my Most Hated list for that - instead this is a list of films I believe are over hyped be it by the public or critics and award givers. Therefore there are quite a few films on the list that I rather like but it doesn't stop them from being overrated.

To gauge popular opinion I have predominantly used IMDb which means the list has a modern bias.

It is in a rough order but it is impossible to really rank such a list.


  • @C: Yeah, I bet David O. Russell is really upset about the hate the film has received with its ten Oscar nominations and 93% fresh rating on RT.

  • LOL

  • I haven't heard a single positive thing about it on here in a very long time.

  • I don't know about that, I read a review that said it improves a lot on a re-watch and was totally deserving of all its nominations. ;)

  • Haha.

  • just hearing the name 'Miranda July' makes me cringe

  • Just watched Silence of the Lambs the other night and was a tad underwhelmed; I gave it the benefit of a doubt with 4 stars for the odd scene or two that were really great, but the times when I was either laughing awkwardly or groaning in certain areas were far more frequent. The pacing feels wishy-washy and the script and acting seem to have a few hiccups in places. I was rather uninterested for long periods of time to be honest.

    I haven't seen the Death Note movies, but I hear they are rather poor adaptations, and I hated the anime even, so there's not a chance I'm touching the live-action films.

    Scott Pilgrim felt too try-hard dorky for me. It feels obligated to bombard the screen with every little video game/comic/anime quirk and aesthetic that it just felt really corny and childish.

    Shawshank was fairly good I guess, but I really didn't feel much from it and it's runtime feels quite inflated. I was uninterested for long periods of time with it as well but I guess the occasional bits of warmth and cleverness picked it up a bit.

    L'avventura I came across when I was looking into Antonioni after reading this article about directors slamming other directors the other day and wanted to look into some of the names mentioned. I know very little on the movie but I must say it has a gorgeous poster image, that's what drew me in.

    Lastly I picked up Life is Beautiful on Blu-Ray (for cheap along with a crap load of other films) because one of my very intelligent online pals has it in his top 10 (although I don't think he's seen THAT many films - nor have I for that matter) so I was curious about it but have since heard polarizing things on it so it will be interesting to see where I fall on the spectrum once I watch it haha.

  • Regarding L'avventura - Antonioni is a great filmmaker (and the film itself looks stunning), I just don't really care for this period of his work. From Red Desert onwards though he's wonderful.

  • Awesome, I had heard about Red Desert as well, I'll be sure to look into it.

  • I agree with almost all of these, with the exceptions of Scarface, Sideways, It's a Wonderful Life, Hugo, and Silence of the Lambs.

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