100 Most Overrated Films

This is not a list of the films I necessarily think are bad - see my Most Hated list for that - instead this is a list of films I believe are over hyped be it by the public or critics and award givers. Therefore there are quite a few films on the list that I rather like but it doesn't stop them from being overrated.

To gauge popular opinion I have predominantly used IMDb which means the list has a modern bias.

It is in a rough order but it is impossible to really rank such a list.


  • For the record, I rescind any comments I may have made in this thread about 'overrated' films. Not because I've grown to like these films, but because I want to disassociate myself from the term itself. I've decided that a word like 'overrated' is not only an embarrassingly lazy and cliched way of discussing cinema, but a logical fallacy in many cases, regardless of how much I may dislike these films. An honest critique should discuss the specific merits of a film rather than concern itself with how highly other viewers should or shouldn't gauge it. Calum Marsh of Film.computs it better than I can:
    “To use the word “overrated”—as opposed to, say, mounting a considered argument against a film that happens to be well-liked—is to orient oneself deliberately in reaction to something perceived as somehow disingenuous, which has the simultaneous effect of both handily erasing mountains of discourse without having to properly engage in the discussion and, more gallingly, conferring upon the wielder of the word an unwarranted sense of superiority. “Overrated”, simply put, is a term of smugness, of such arrogance in distaste that the prospect of appreciation seems laughable.”
    To be fair, the quote doesn't apply to many films on this particular list because most of them aren't widely regarded as masterpieces; but I think his critique of the word itself still stands. The same argument additionally calls into question presumptuous cliches like 'underrated' and 'overhyped'. Just something to think about.

  • @Ariel_
    I'd put it more simply than that. The term "overrated" in this context is inevitably subjective. As such, at best it means "I didn't like it as much as other people appear to" or at worst it means "I look down on people who liked this more than me".

    As an opinion, I don't find "I have often found people overrating this film" to be particularly smug or arrogant. It's only when it is taken as an objective marker distinguishing between a minority of people with good taste and a majority of people with bad taste that it becomes problematic.

  • I suppose it really comes down to how the person defines the word. For me, overrated/overhyped are innately smug and useless ways of describing cinematic experience, regardless of the context they're being used in, even if I agree with the reviewer's aversion to the film.

  • If I was to make a list I'd probably put The Social Network at number 1. I liked it in the same way everyone likes it - because it's Fincher and it's slick. But i don't think it says anything.

  • Sideways overrated?? Nooooooooooooooooo!

  • How are the death note movies overrated?

  • @kuzronk: They are well liked both on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. Admittedly they aren't as well known as most on this list but as I really hated both of them I felt compelled to add them.

  • @Daniel there's an A. O. Scott review declaring that about Sideways right away.

  • Kinda wish there was more meat on that bone... How about pointing to favorite Pros (as well as Cons for the sake of partiality), either on Letterboxd or elsewhere, containing arguments worth reading, for each one of these films?

  • Keep in mind that most people likely just saw the word death note and gave it a high score due to them enjoying the overrated but enjoyable anime.

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