Help! What's The Name of That Film?

With such knowledgeable folk on the site I thought a list topic helping others remember the names of long forgotten films might be of some use.

If you are trying to remember a name of a film you watched 40 years ago or only 40 minutes ago then ask in here and let the Letterboxd community help you.

If somebody does solve your problem can you please confirm they have the correct film so I can add it to the list.


  • Yeah, it was Money Talks. Thanks, man.

  • First one sounds like Loft. It's Belgian, and about to get a US remake.

  • Oh yeah, that sounds right. Its got Cyclops in it

  • Yeah, it's Loft. Thanks again.

  • I saw a film about 6 years ago that I have never been able to find again. It was on a short film website so I don't know if anyone will be able to help me but I hope so. The film started out with a family ( mom, dad, brother sister) on the beach, the children were playing in the sand and some men walk out onto the beach and attack the parents and kill them. The men kidnap the children and toss them in the back of a livestock truck. the little children scream out of the slats in the side of the truck for help when the truck stops at a truck stop but nobody hears them. After a while the truck backs up to a slaughter house. This is when the film rewinds and the same film starts over except this time the family is animals. I can't remember what kind but I think pigs. so instead of children it is pigs who are taken from their mother and father shoved in a livestock truck squealing out the slats etc.
    It was on a regular short film website even tho it was certainly an animal rights film. If anyone knows the name or where it is online I would love to find it again as it was really done well and you had no idea what was going on until the switch. a real good shocker .

  • This has bugged the completist in me for a while (I add all films seen to, and here since I joined of course). It's a western comedy, probably from the 60s? I remember a guy in his 20s named "Eli" who's looked up to by a bunch of kids. At one point they ride on the train tracks with a draisine. Don't remember much more I'm afraid, so it might be a lost cause...

  • Hello, I watched a movie in 2004 it was english i dont know when it was made. the plot as i remember it was as:
    there were some friends the story revolves around them. In the climax one of them runs a race/marathon and during it he was fell in plaster of paris or some one put it on him, so the other friends put some rollerblades on him and pushed him so that he can complete the race.
    This is all what i remembered.

  • I saw a film on TV in UK in the last few weeks, it was a US TV film about a woman with a young son, she remarries and becomes suspicious that her husband is having an affair. She follows him to another house and after entering she finds a woman dead. Her husband then frames her for murder and she is arrested, but later escapes and tries to prove her innocence with the help of one of the police officers. She finds out that her husband has been using false identities ( the names of childen killed in a fire) and married and killed other women to get their life insurance.

  • This isnt right but boy that TV film sounds like a massive rip off of Double Jeopardy

  • Ok, this for a friend. Movie or show with two girls, possibly college age, who dress up in commando-like clothing armed with fuzzy handcuffs and a bedroom whip who take hostage a neighbor guy (nerdy) and keep him captive, take him for walks, treat him like a pet, until he escapes a la Shawshank Redemption behind a poster. There is a scene where a man uses the toilet in the same bathroom where the captive is in the bathtub. Friend says it was a comedy. Of course, it could have been a dream.

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