Help! What's The Name of That Film?

With such knowledgeable folk on the site I thought a list topic helping others remember the names of long forgotten films might be of some use.

If you are trying to remember a name of a film you watched 40 years ago or only 40 minutes ago then ask in here and let the Letterboxd community help you.

If somebody does solve your problem can you please confirm they have the correct film so I can add it to the list.


  • It's a power rangers movie I saw as a kid but I only remember the ending. The MC's sister had just died and they were all standing outside some sort of spaceship or UFO. The MC starts to cry and the tear goes on the sister's face. This brings her back to life

  • I'm looking for a film that includes a flood of some sort. the whole world is going to be flooded, kinda. The rich and powerful have built these big ass submarines or something and they wont let the other poor people on them. etc. thats kinda all i remember. PLEASE HELP!

  • 2012

  • Yep, 2012. You beat me to it, Colin. My wife and I saw it shortly after it came out on DVD. Now, speaking of floods, I wish somebody could identify the movie I was trying to remember. I posted 18 days ago and so far, nada! It's still bugging me.

  • what. Well now i feel dumb..

  • Ok I've got a film I need help with. I seen this film a few years ago but can't remember the name of it. I think it might of been late 80's early 90's. The film is about a mother who has two children one is a boy the other is a girl, I'm not sure if they are twins. The boy ends up drowning I'm not sure now but anyway the mother ends up seeing his ghost and it's like he's still around. The mother asks the daughter if she can seen him too and she says yes. Towards the end of the film the mother plans to commit suicide with the daughter by carbon monoxide poisoning. But while on the act she discovers that the daughter never seen the boy and decides not to end their lives. It was an American film I thought it was one of them time life movies but can't be sure. Can anyone help please :)

  • Hi all.. I watched a film under a year ago, here goes.. Its about a teenage lad and a man in his 20's, the two start an affair with each other but the younger has to dress in female clothes as the elder "isnt gay" he says.. at some point in the film the older of the two hits a man outside a bar as he was flirting/chatting up his "girlfriend" they visit the elder of the twos parents who live at the seaside, after they leave his parents they end up at the beach and the man bullies the young female dressed lad into taking his clothes off and then drives off leaving him standing near naked on the sand. Ive recently suffered a stroke and try as i might i just cant remember the name of this film. Its an english film and brilliantly acted with a good storyline.. PLEASE please can someone help me with this films name, its doing my head in.. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Paul

  • Has anyone seen or heard of a French film called Frustrè which stars Christophe Cerdan. Do you know if this film goes by any other name?

  • Can you help me find the following black and white film I've seen repeatedly on Italian TV in the 70s but that was presumably shot in the 60s or in the 50s?

    A little girl is murdered by a pedophile who is immediately identified and arrested. During the process this guy shows contemptuous laugh in the face to the mother of the victim , which, psychologically exhausted, shoots him in the courtroom killing him. At this point she is arrested and tried for murder. Her lawyer advises to say that it was just a fit to plead and then regretted it ,but when in the courtroom the judge asks if she still would commit this act, she stands up shouting a sentence like: ” I’d do it again, once, twice, a hundred times.”

    I think the film ends here, I don’t know if it is an American film, French or German… I’m only sure that is not Italian! (because it was dubbed)

    It is not any of these movies:

    “Der Fall Bachmeier, Keine Zeit für Tränen”, 1984
    “Annas Mutter”, 1984
    “A Mother’s Revenge, Desperate Justice”, 1993
    “Eye for an Eye”, 1996
    “Es geschah am hellichten Tag”, 1958
    “Chi l’ha vista morire?”, 1972.

  • I saw a movie more than 20 years ago. It was a kidnapping movie in which a lady is in her car and hits the truck in front of her. A metal pipe.kills her. The father finds out the child was kidnapped by the wife. I have been trying I.find the movie online with no luck.

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