Help! What's The Name of That Film?

With such knowledgeable folk on the site I thought a list topic helping others remember the names of long forgotten films might be of some use.

If you are trying to remember a name of a film you watched 40 years ago or only 40 minutes ago then ask in here and let the Letterboxd community help you.

If somebody does solve your problem can you please confirm they have the correct film so I can add it to the list.


  • Hello, I just joined today, and if this was asked before, I apologize for bringing it up again. I have had this specific scene from a film stuck in my head for years and I want to know what's the name. Here's the scene I remember. I saw it when I was little in the early to mid 90's (the film could have been older, but I kind of doubt it). There was a younger guy hiding behind a snowy hill, watching his family or tribe going about their chores. They all looked like Eskimos, living on ice and in straw huts. Suddenly these men approach, all wearing black clothing and armed with guns. At some point, the men start to massacre the whole tribe as the boy watches from a distance. When the slaughter was over, the men threw all the bodies into the icy lake and left. It wasn't a time piece type film, it looked like it was in modern 90's time and I swore it was a Clint Eastwood, Steven Seagul, or some other big name action star. Finding the name of this film has irked me for years because that scene has haunted my mind for years. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Thank you in advance.

  • hope someone can help me identify this film.

    I've seen it sometime in the 90s and from what I remember it looked like an old eighties/early nineties production. There were at least two teenagers, a boy and a girl, that were traveling through different dimensions. At one point, they are in space, fighting a sort of alien creature, after which the space ship explodes and they travel to a sort of medieval arthurian land, where the king is being visited by a noble that they identify as the villain and I think the wizard tells them how to travel through time. Near the end, I remember that the girl is tempted to dimension warp again, but sees that the next dimension is a sort of dark city ruled by biker gangs, and they decide against it. im sure the movie was released 1990 or 91. defo a movie as I remember vividly the trailer then renting it.

  • that sounds kinda like the (godawful) josh kirby series, shipmal.

  • no its not that, 100% a movie. id say the main characters are college student age late teens early 20s American.

  • for your sake, i am very glad it isn't.

  • Here's an Asian file I need the name of: It starts with a warrior walking among people who cannot see him. He is seen by a woman in white who is the queen of this land. It is the land between life and death. She tells him he must leave or they will be attacked. He remembers her as his lover in life, but she does not know him. The land comes under attack and the guy becomes her protector. What I remember most is a chase thru the forest where warriors are hurling chains at him. He knows the warriors, and they know him. They persuade him to go back and meet their master(his former master). That's basically all I remember.

  • I was watching this movie but I had to leave in between, it was a couple years back, I am not sure if I remember the actors. I need help with the name. So this is what it is like. A very rich guy meets a beautiful young girl in a hotel he stays at, I think she works there. The hotel manager tries to stop the girl from making a hasty decision but she marries him and they fly to his ranch. His older sister is kind of a bitch to her. Eventually she finds out that she is actually not his first wife and a necklace that the guy has given to the girl is actually a tracking device. There is also I think FBI involved as there is a case associated with this guy's wife's murder. The police then tries to use the young girl as an agent to find out more about the case.

  • I am looking for this semi-documentary about a couple horseback riding across the Canadian (I think) wilderness. Half way through the trip they build a house out of logs by a lake and spend the winter there. I think there is a scene of somebody visiting them with a small aquaplane landing on the lake. Then in spring they carry on riding to a town where their journey finishes. I think they might have had a little kid/girl and/or dog travelling with them but I am not sure about that. I think there are also some memorable scenes scaring off bears or wolves from their food storage. Incredible camera shots and very little dialogue. I watched the movie in 2007, but it could be as old as the 70s. Have no idea and find it hard to judge cause it could be retrostyled. Tried google and IMDB and there seems to be no trace of it online :( Any help will be very welcome!

  • I have a movie that has been bugging me for years. It came out between the 1980-1990. IT's setting is back in the farm years where they used horse and small towns. Like Annie of green gable setting. This little boy wants this cool bank where the coins roll down this shoots and falls to the bottom from an old fashion shop. There is this old guy that looks like a beggar and this boy believes that he is Santa claus. This boy's sister comes across the land owners son and they start liking one another. The boy gets the bank from this guy by the end of the movie. I almost want to say the setting is during the depression. Please help me before I go crazy.

  • I can barely remember this movie, but I think it's early 90s. It's about a girl who finds a secret room under her stairs and it takes her to a magic kingdom. I know the movie starts with her getting free ice cream from an ice cream van, and she may be a princess in this world or find a prince. It's vague but I know my sister loved it.

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