Help! What's The Name of That Film?

With such knowledgeable folk on the site I thought a list topic helping others remember the names of long forgotten films might be of some use.

If you are trying to remember a name of a film you watched 40 years ago or only 40 minutes ago then ask in here and let the Letterboxd community help you.

If somebody does solve your problem can you please confirm they have the correct film so I can add it to the list.


  • BTW I am 34 years old

  • I watched a movie about five years ago....what I remember is there's an old man that got into a coma, after recovering he goes home but someone is living in his home, they tell him he can live in a little house in the back, to kind of get revenge he trains he's dog to bark when he says "hush" the people that live in the other house I believe hang the dog....then the old man gets the dog stuffed and puts him in his porch......that's all I remember, I'm trying to remember so I can watch it again. Thanks for the help in advance!

  • Hey, I watched a movie about 5-10 years ago. What i remember is that there was one teenage boy who lived with his mother and one more women (or the other one mabey just visited alot) and a teenage girl who lived close to him. The movie was set in the 60s. The only things a remeber more was that the boy and girl went on a dubble date with seperate partners to a movie and when the boy tried to kiss his parter she bit his thoung. I remeber also that the girl (not his date partner) got really sad when kennedy got shot.
    Sorry for my bad english. Thankfull for help! Have gotten this movie on my head for a year now...

  • I once saw this old movie, some 30 years ago. I only saw a small portion of it, but it felt like it was an old Spaghetti western type of movie.
    I remember a scene, where the Main character is dying, and is laying in a bed. At first I thought it might've been Jason Robart or Lee Van Cleef, or an actor of their era. But I'm not so sure now.

    So, in this scene the main character, who is either an aging gunslinger or preacher, is buried in his Bed out in the country or what appears to be rustic western location, like near a mine.

    It was a strange movie, it had some strange characters in it..
    And they pushed this bed around, with the main character in it, and they fullfill his wish by burying him in it. i think it had a strange soundtrack like a spaghetti western.

  • Please help. I have spend last 5 hours trying to find that darn movie in internet. I just give up. But in case I get lucky I decided to post hear.

    I remember watching it on VHS when I was a kid around 10 or
    15 years ago. It was sort of romantic comedy I guess.
    Intro of the movie was animated, I thick about bandits draging girl in the truck of a car.
    In the movie she met a guy who was planing to get married any time soon. As well the girl was relay wild and stealing all the time.

    As well there was some kind of exotic big cat. I remember a scene where she puts a necklace of diamonds around that cats neck.

    I think in the movie she got chased by bandits. And she had a key of a bank vault what they wanted.

    Sorry if it looks like a mes. But these are a bits and peace's I remember.

  • I've been trying for years to find a movie I saw as a kid but have never been able to find it because it's such a blurry memory. The only thing I remember from it was a boy who hid himself in a cart (like a room service cart) in what I think was some sort of airport or something to that effect. I remember he liked playing with toy models, I don't know who or what he was trying to escape. I'm sorry that's not a lot of information.

  • Hey I've watched this movie when I was young and only remember a little about it but I can't remember the name if someone can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thereally was a mother who left for a business trip and the son was left home alone In the mansion. He goes to the bathroom and the shower curtain was closed when he opens it there is a lady bathing in blood which states she has been waiting for him then chases him around the house trying to kill him.

  • @dpct2820 I'm going out on an intuitive limb here, because this film is only vaguely like what you describe. Try Hugo. It's probably not the one you're after, but if nothing else, you'll see an interesting film.

  • I saw a film in the late 50s I think. I was a child and I didn't know any of the actors by name. It was set in the plains of Africa, probably Kenya or Tanzania but possibly South Africa. I think it was during a drought. A man is alone and is attacked by a lion which he fights off with a machete but is badly mauled. He climbs a tree to escape further lion attacks and, because he is getting weak, uses his belt to attach himself to a tree limb. A forest fire starts to spread. A man and woman arrive in their land rover and spot the man in the tree. They rescue him and later, his arm in a sling, he goes to someone's ranch house. The owner of the house finds him in his living room. He is a big, fat, heavily bearded man with a whip who says, "Get out of my house!" He starts to whip at the injured man who defends himself with a chair. At the end of the movie I think it started to rain, ending the drought. Anyone know what movie this is?

  • I watched a movie when I was a kid that had something to do with magical stamps. I don't remember if they allowed you to travel from place to place or across time. It must have been from the 80's, but I guess it could have been 70's. Sorry for such a brief description, but it's all I remember.

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