My Film Collection

Probably of little interest to anybody but me, here is my personal film collection on various formats that I've collected over the years.

Around 300 films are missing from the database.


  • Amazingly I've never done that (not deliberately anyway as I've repurchased films on Blu-Ray).

  • What makes a Blu-ray replacement worthwhile? I've been sitting on the fence on whether or not to do this for my movies..

  • For me it is any film that will benefit from the improved sound and visuals. I've never regretted buying a Blu-Ray replacement.

  • I've read in some forums how sometimes Blu-ray transfer messes with the colors.

  • It can happen but there is enough information out there on each release so you can avoid the bad releases.

  • Ahh ok, thanks for the tips!

  • Don't think I'll use Letterboxd for listing my movies... I keep details of this here, and try to stay on top of it as I purchase new films.

    I'm hoping that friends/family will start to use it too (as I populate the wishlist section) so they can get me useful presents... not that socks / ties / shirts aren't useful, of course!! ;)

  • Oh, and nice collection of stuff... apparently I've only seen 10% of your film list... I'm not the only one who finds looking up films that I've seen on here (and marking them as such) rather tedious, am I?

    If I see a film that I know I've watched mentioned anywhere on the site I check if it has been marked as having been seen, and correct it if not.

  • @MrSharky: I'm kind of addicted to checking off all the films I've seen on the database. I often find myself working my way through different actor's filmographies for movies I haven't marked off yet.

  • Some of these like the Back to the Futures and the Rocky movies are probably part of the collection, am I right? I'm just curious, do you like the two Cars movies? And I thought you hated Crash?

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