Thank You, People of Letterboxd!

Having joined the site back in February I was fully expecting Letterboxd to be another website I'd soon lose interest in. Yet thanks to its wonderful community of helpful, funny and insightful film enthusiasts it has become my first port of call whenever I venture online.

I won't thank specific people (I'd feel bad when I inevitably missed somebody out) but thank you to those that continue to follow me - I am honoured that my words are of an interest to anybody - and thanks to those people that I follow and who write such great reviews (I only wish I could follow more but fear I'd never leave the site if I did).

I'd also like to send my gratitude to the Letterboxd team who help keep the site ticking over. I'm sure your work is appreciated by all here even if we don't always get a chance to express our thanks.

Happy Holidays and New Year everyone!

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  • Cheers Adam! Watched a fair few films based on your recommendations since I've joined.

    PS - Happy new year everyone :D

  • Thanks for the likes this year Adam, I don't get many so rely on you! It's been an interesting experiment trying to write some words for every film I've seen in 2012 - I'd have given up long ago had it not been for your support!

    Carry On Reviewing!

  • You're a wonderful reviewer and a kind person. Thanks for sorting the shitty from the not-shitty and thank you for giving me notes on my short film. Cheers!

  • @Kalia: Thanks. I hope you had a nice Christmas too.

    @Kevin: Well I hope you enjoyed the recommendations.

    @Steve: I'm always happy to like reviews I enjoy reading.

    @JW Hendricks: Thanks for letting me look at your short film, I was honoured that you wanted my opinion.

  • This guy!!!,
    Thank You Adam for inspiring me to write reviews that consisted of more than 3 sentences, forcing myself to think a bit more.

    Hope your Holidays are great.

  • @Tony: Well I hope you're not feeling forced to write longer reviews. Sometimes short and succinct is better than long and waffling.

    @Mike: Thanks. Likewise, I always enjoy reading your considered and thorough reviews.

  • Oh no I don't feel forced, but my old reviews had no substance, I wanted to write more descriptive reviews for my own liking as well. I don't mind short and sweet if it's funny, but if I'm going to write about what the film did for me, I'll need more than 3 sentences,

    I guess I just enjoyed reading your reviews that it made me realize I needed more depth

  • I might be a bit late to the party, but I would just like to say, (since everyone already thanked this mighty fine society,) a personal, "Thank-You," to yourself, Adam.

    Whenever I post a review, (and this last month, I've posted quite a few,) even if no one else reads it, I can always count on you to go through it, which further encourages me to keep posting, and therefore further improving my writing.

    Basically, thanks for always being here, and being supportive. Happy New Year, and hope to see you around just as much as the last! (Even if I was here for only a month or so, haha.)

  • Aww thanks, Victor. It's been a pleasure reading your reviews and I hope you find a larger audience as it would be a shame if I am the only one reading them.

  • Haha, no problem.

    Quite frankly, I don't mind the smaller audience. Less risk, no one expects anything from you, etc. Sure, it's more compelling to write when a larger audience reads your writings, but it's not necessary. What matters is as much as one little nod that says that someone pays attention and that's enough to keep me going.

    Also, I copy + paste my reviews onto another site I use for blogging, so I have a few people reading there.

    Either way, I just wanted to say, "Thanks," so here you go. Keep'em reviews coming! :D

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