Must see Giallos

Here is a collection of must see giallo films.

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  • Strip Nude for Your Killer
  • Deep Red
  • Torso
  • Seven Blood-Stained Orchids
  • All the Colors of the Dark
  • What Have You Done to Solange?
  • Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key
  • Don't Torture a Duckling
  • A Bay of Blood
  • Four Flies on Grey Velvet
  • The Cat o' Nine Tails
  • Black Belly of the Tarantula
  • Blade of the Ripper
  • A Lizard in a Woman's Skin
  • 5 Dolls For An August Moon
  • The Bird with the Crystal Plumage
  • Eyeball
  • Blood and Black Lace