My Favorite French Films

A grab bag of my personal favorite French films, some more light-hearted and some more serious. The common theme: I'd watch any of these a second time. (Click on the List Detail view for mini-reviews of each movie.)


  • Have you seen any of Jacques Tati's films?
    Though significantly older than any of the films in this list, several of his films are some of the best comedies ever.

  • I started "Mr. Hulot's Holiday," but couldn't finish it. I'm a writer, so I think I need more narrative. I was hoping to love it because so many French friends/speakers recommended Tati. Maybe it's time to give it another chance. Is there a better one to begin with?

  • Mr. Hulot's Holiday is my favorite, but I'd recommend you give Playtime a try before you give up on Tati. It's similar in there being little dialogue, but Tati is remembered better for it. I believe he spent 3 years filming it and it was many years in the making. The budget was so high that it broke him, and I don't think he ever recovered from bankruptcy.
    Either one, I'd recommend watching several times to fully appreciate as well.

  • I went back and read a few reviews (Ebert for example). I guess it's pretty common not to like him the first time, then to grow fonder with 2nd, 3rd viewing. Thanks!

  • I've heard so many good things about them, but for some reason I haven't seen either of those. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • I loved M Hulot's Holiday and can't wait to finally get around to seeing Playtime!
    A great list Maria and to think I've only watched 3/14 (Tell No One, Persepolis, Paris Je T'aime) - but I've been meaning to see I've Loved You So Long & Monsieur Lazhar for a while now. I feel like I make this comment all the time lol if only life didn't get in the way!

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