The Shawshank Redemption 1994

Second time around. Still don’t like it.


  • Out of curiosity, what was it about Shawshank you didn't like? I ask because I've never met anyone that didn't like it and it would be interesting to hear from the other side of the spectrum on this film since most people tend to really like it.

  • I find it a bit too morally blunt, sentimental, insipid. Lots of telling vs. showing, and that from an unreliable narrator. It's a lot of set-pieces, but no arc and no character development. None of Andy's prison friends seem like bad, or even slightly morally compromised people (what are the odds, in a prison?). I also have a frequent distaste for twist endings that explain the parallel story that you *didn't* see. Add that all up, and I just didn't care that he got out, or that Andy & Red were reunited.

  • Yeah, now that you mention it, the prisoners do seem a little too nice for people serving time in a maximum security prison for things like murder and theft. I have to admit I've always had difficulty fully understanding the scam the warden was running.

  • I understand the words you typed, but I still love it.

    And come on... ONE star?

  • Haha. Behold! I have created controversy! I do acknowledge that the directing is smart, despite an eye-roll of a story. Good cuts and edits and spacing and such. Smart manipulation.

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