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  • The Spectacular Now

    The Spectacular Now 2013

    ★★½ Watched 26 Jan, 2014

    A pretty mature script with some good performances, but a bit predictable in the unveiling of the central conflicts. Ultimately not my type of movie to begin with, so there's probably some downward bias in my rating.

  • Frances Ha

    Frances Ha 2012

    ½ Watched 23 Jan, 2014

    I didn't laugh; I didn't give a shit about any character that appeared in the film (at best I disliked some of them, but for most, simply apathy); I didn't feel any concern over any outcome of any conflict (not that I even really perceived a conflict worthy of my attention or concern)... Basically, I found zero entertainment that could be derived from this. Most of the time I can understand the praise a film gets even when I don't enjoy it, but with this, I just don't get it.

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  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 1975

    ★★★★½ Watched 31 Jul, 2012 1

    Alternates between being hilarious (some of Nicholson's dialogue is gut-punchingly funny and is delivered along with a physical presence that only enhances the humor), being hopeful and uplifting, and being tragically sad.

    Nicholson is a delight throughout the film. Probably my 2nd favorite role of his, behind his turn as the Joker, and ahead of Melvin Udall (from As Good As It Gets).

    Nurse Ratched is one of the most interesting "villains" I've encountered in a film. She doesn't…

  • The Comedy

    The Comedy 2012

    ★½ Watched 07 Nov, 2012

    God, I hate hipsters... and these are the worst kind of hipsters.

    Watching these degenerate, nihilistic, and self-important clowns is exhausting and will likely make you furious. I failed to understand how some people managed to evoke some sympathy or thought they saw moments in the film where Heidecker's character showed signs that he may have some redeeming quality. I didn't see it when I watched this and on reflection can't think of any time where I thought there was…