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  • Zeder 1983

    ★★½ Watched 17 Oct, 2014

    After finishing the film, I found out I had actually seen a dubbed version that was also heavily cut, which might explain why nothing really made any sense and felt really disjointed. The concept was pretty good, and there were some creepy scenes, but there was no rythm at all, and it felt as if the film was going nowhere. The long scenes of gathering evidence while being followed by an increasing number of henchmen were particularily mind-numbing.

    The secret…

  • Demons of the Mind 1972

    ★★★ Watched 17 Oct, 2014

    A weird and warped fairy tale by Hammer. Almost plotless, this film draws its fascination from its weird, dreamlike atmosphere. Constant flashbacks and visions disrupt the pace of the film until it is almost nonexistant and one doesn't know if the plot it getting ahead, moving backwards or even still going on. Characters are set up to be central to the story but are then sidelined, while others thought to be insignificant play a bigger role in the end.


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  • The House Is Black 1963

    ★★★★½ Watched 14 May, 2013

    Movie #15 of Berkens 30 days, 30 countries challenge

    The House Is Black- Iran

    As short as it is, the depiction of people to whom faith has been cruel going to school, celebrating and thanking god for their existence is very powerful. The film does not shy away from depictions of disfigurement without giving the feeling that it wants to shock or force sympathy out of the viewer. The directors poems, as well as the verses from the koran, wich accompany the images as voice-over, only added to the profound impact this film had on me.

  • Elite Squad 2007

    ★★★★ Watched 08 May, 2013 2

    Movie #10 of Berkens 30 days, 30 countries challenge

    Elite Squad- Brazil

    Intense Film about the war in the Brazilian favelas and the people that participate in it. Much like City of God, Elite Squad simply shows you what is happening and forces you to make up your own mind about it. The issues presented are so complicated and the line between good and bad so blurred that it is hard to really root for any character. The direction during…