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  • Ordinary World

    Ordinary World 2016

    ★★ Added

    May be unique in the cinematic annals of manchildren in that its protagonist goes from overgrown adolescent to midlife crisis without any intervening adulthood.

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  • Autumn Lights

    Autumn Lights 2016


    Dead and absent women cause a man to have feels, but in an ethereal way, you know, with “artistic” female nudity and nonsensical pseudophilosophical dialogue.

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  • The Gift

    The Gift 2015

    Added 6

    Descends into emotional idiocy and insufficient intrigue to end in a disgusting place that presumes that a woman is an appropriate pawn in games men play.

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  • Fifty Shades of Grey

    Fifty Shades of Grey 2015

    ½ Added

    A charm-free hero with control issues and a passive, fretful heroine have coy and tediously vanilla pretend-sex. This is meant to be erotic?

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