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  • Julieta



    San Diego CityBeat review.

    The jigsaw cinema of Pedro Almodóvar can be bombastic and emotionally robust, but it’s always infused with a deep unspoken melancholy that resides underneath the surface. Often focusing on women trying to make peace with past trauma, the Spanish director populates his movies with important details that help craft a singular perspective. Dynamic wallpaper patterns line hallways. Kitchens and bedrooms are infused with bright splashes of color. Photographs portray memories that could materialize at any moment.…

  • Hunter Gatherer

    Hunter Gatherer


    San Diego CityBeat review.

    Desperate men can only outrun delusion for so long. Hunter Gatherer measuredly embodies this process via the lives of two fringe characters that mistake treading water for entrepreneurial ambition. Set in a low-income black neighborhood, the film takes on a low-key tone toward issues of poverty and inequality, occasionally mixing in bits of magical realism. Director Josh Locy’s debut is not your typical American indie, even if it might initially seem to be.

    When Ashley (Andre…

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  • Spring Breakers

    Spring Breakers


    In this postmodern acid wash nightmare called 21st century America, some of us no longer have the ability to register rock bottom. We just spiral deeper into the neon abyss, documenting our own demise by way of pop culture and ego and delusion. Complex emotion is meaningless. The momentum of deceit is unstoppable. Those contemplating the limits of excess are either delusional or weak, unnecessary, disposable. As a result, the Culture teaches us to be cold, unfeeling, and obsessive to the pursuit of nothing else but those boobies y'all. We are what we lust after, and we are lusting after self-destruction. Mission Accomplished.

  • Blackhat



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The highs of low tech, the lows of high tech. Sensory clashes overwhelm plot. Mann's first pure romance film since MOHICANS. The action scenes are expectedly great, but there's a new wrinkle of humanity and romanticism here. At one point a character has just confessed her husband died in 9/11, then seconds later she lies on the ground riddled with bullets. Mann cuts from a CU of her face to a POV of a massive skyscraper, inferring the end of…