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  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The Grand Budapest Hotel 2014

    ★★★★½ Watched 14 Mar, 2014

    "Many times over within THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, we see its characters eating and handling pastries from a patisserie named ‘Mendl’s’. These confections are both ornate and intricate, reminding us of times gone by and places we’ve never been. The packages they come in are every bit as charming and ornate as the sweet delights they contain.

    That’s this movie in a nutshell..."

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  • Django Unchained

    Django Unchained 2012

    ★★★★★ Watched 27 Dec, 2012

    "DJANGO UNCHAINED allows our hero to continually evolve. With each subsequent situation he gets into, he is forced to adapt. While his arc is ultimately one of revenge, it isn’t a vengeance that will come easily.

    It doesn’t take much for Django to tap into the hostility he has built-up as a former slave, but what does take a bit of doing is Django’s sense of patience. It’s moments like the dinner with Calvin Candie that really emphasize both how much patience Django is required to exert, and how well Jamie Foxx embodies it..."

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  • Her

    Her 2013

    ★★★★★ Watched 12 Dec, 2013

    "HER understands life in this age like few other films do. Johansson, Phoenix and Jones find a perfect harmony to tell the tale; like three points on an equilateral triangle. Looking at the intersection of all three points, we find a beautiful blend of illumination, empathy, and grace. Everything from the story being told to the colour palette employed to tell it is a celebration of humanity and connection is this ever-shrinking world in which we live in…a place so intertwined, and yet so isolating..."

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  • The Wolf of Wall Street

    The Wolf of Wall Street 2013

    ★★★★ Watched 19 Dec, 2013

    Jordan – and many in the real world just like him – took Mark Hanna’s advice and ran with it as far as he could. They work hard for the money the have amassed, there’s no denying that. They have earned the right to find a release from the stress. Unfortunately though, the release they seek isn’t one of fulfilment, family, or fellowship. Whether they throw little people, knock down martinis, or do enough drugs knock out a horse, the…

  • Gravity

    Gravity 2013

    ★★★★★ Rewatched 04 Oct, 2013

    "The visual trickery not only allows the audience to feel the beauty and fluidity that comes with weightlessness, but it also underscores the danger that Stone will soon find herself in. The camera floats and swoops because of that absence of gravity. Thing is, the absence of gravity is a pretty scary thing – especially when there’s no way of moving through it unaided. It’s a physical property that we take so very much for granted, but whose absence is truly terrifying...."

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  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl 2014

    ★★★★½ Watched 02 Oct, 2014

    "Every guy has been there. It’s a roomful of strangers, some he knows – some he doesn’t. The occasion for the gathering isn’t anything deeply personal, which is to say it’s nothing he can’t duck out of. In the middle of this, he sees a pretty face and realizes that face is one he’d like to get to know better. But how to do it?

    Ordinarily it comes by pretending to be someone you’re not. When that happens, we men…

  • Guardians of the Galaxy

    Guardians of the Galaxy 2014

    ★★★★ Watched 01 Aug, 2014

    "There’s something to be said for the misfits. The teams that are not prototypical and the plans that seem like lunacy. That line between genius and madness? It can seem a little blurry at times. So why not try to extract brilliance from the truly insane? Why not turn your story over to characters largely unknown outside of a very small sliver of comic book readers? Why not give the ball to your bench squad for once?..."

  • Birdman

    Birdman 2014

    ★★★★★ Watched 22 Oct, 2014

    "There’s something to be said for being unaware. Human beings like getting from point A to point B without thinking about the route, the schedule, the mechanics of taking the steps. Often when we lose that unawareness, we begin to over think things. We become hyper-critical of ourselves and our world and find it hard to think about anything else. Does knowing too much about something breed contempt? Does seeing how the magic trick is performed ruin the illusion? Is there, in fact, virtue in ignorance?..."

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  • Boyhood

    Boyhood 2014

    ★★★★★ Watched 13 Jul, 2014

    " makes us remember what our parents told us when we were small. It’s tangible in the way our children asked us harder questions when they got tall. It understands that while none of us will ever know what it feels like to flee a giant lizard or fly a mighty dragon, that we have all looked at a beautiful person of the opposite sex and wanted to kiss them. We’ve all wanted to be better than our parents, and…

  • Interstellar

    Interstellar 2014

    ★★★★ Watched 04 Nov, 2014

    They say that to get the full scope of something, you need to step back. When we stand too close, we become one with whatever it is we are considering and find ourselves caught up in minutiae. When we get some distance, we are able to get the full picture – for better and for worse. It’s often with space and distance that we can really understand things as they really are, and how they affect truly us.

    INTERSTELLAR wants us to step way back...

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  • The Avengers

    The Avengers 2012

    Watched 04 May, 2012

    "In every sport except baseball, franchises that stack their roster as an all-star team rarely succeed. The reason or this is simple; when you get that much ego in one place, that many personalities used to being "the man", nobody knows how to play their role. These teams become plagued by squabbling and ultimately fail. It's only in every member of the team understanding how to play off the ball that the team can win. When this happens, everyone understands…

  • Inception

    Inception 2010

    Rewatched 11 Jul, 2012

    "Many of the set pieces for INCEPTION are amazing to behold, and the knowledge that so very many of them were practical effects only heightens the experience. While I have refrained from the Christopher Nolan love-fest that has been buzzing for the last few weeks, I must indeed hand the man credit. There are many lesser talents in Hollywood who would see these ideas in a script and immediately think “digital effects”. To see real actors on real sets do what we see them do is becoming very scarce in Hollywood…and it takes some real guts to pull it off..."

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