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I can handle the truth.


  • In Jon Ronson's book "The Psychopath Test", he argues that although Kit seems more like our mental image of a psychopath, most psychopaths are more like Holly - just totally unaware that anything has gone wrong.

    I watched "Giant" specifically so that I could get the James Dean references in this. That was, like, THREE HOURS just to get the five second shot of Dean with the rifle across his shoulders like Kit in the poster. Giant wasn't exactly bad, but I probably wouldn't recommend bothering.

  • I have yet to read the Psychopath Test, it's in a pile of books on my bedside table nearly as big as the list of films I've got to watch. That's a really interesting point. Malick's quoted opinion on Holly doesn't quite tell the full story - one of the most striking things about the film is her denial and total lack of analysis. Most 15 year old girls would ask a few more questions.

    Isn't the image of Dean with the rifle across his shoulders the cover image for the DVD release of 'Giant'? I certainly recognised it and I haven't seen the film. Could have saved you three hours, there.

  • Quite possibly. The only information I can add is that a VERY SMALL amount of screen time is spent with James Dean doing that gun thing. It's pretty tangential to the plot, in fact.

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