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  • Miss Hokusai

    Miss Hokusai


    An animated biopic of O-Ei Hokusai, daughter of legendary artist Tetsuzo Hokusai, MISS HOKUSAI is a gorgeously rendered tale of a woman who struggled to make her own living as an artist in the shadow of her famous father, often painting works under his name without credit.

    While the supernatural elements that skirt the edges of the film never really come together in a satisfying way, it's hard to ignore the elegant beauty of this film, and its lovely blending…

  • April and the Extraordinary World

    April and the Extraordinary World


    In the late 19th century, scientists begin mysteriously disappearing. Electricity is never invented. Napoleon never falls, leading to a world dominated by France in the early 20th century. A young girl April, daughter of two prominent kidnapped scientists, and her talking cat, Darwin, set out to discover what happened to her parents, in the process uncovering a shocking secret that changed the course of history.

    APRIL AND THE EXTRAORDINARY WORLD is a delightful alternate history of the world, where the…

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  • American Sniper

    American Sniper


    Clint Eastwood is perhaps one of the most quintessentially American directors, so it is no surprise that he chose to tackle such a quintessential story of American heroism, in the form of Chris Kyle, a Navy SEAL credited with being the deadliest sniper in US history. In the process, Eastwood delivers his finest film since GRAN TORINO, and one of the very best films yet to deal with the Iraq war. He presents us with a man who represents the…

  • The Way He Looks

    The Way He Looks


    Blind teenager Leo and Giovana are the best of friends and constant companions. But when handsome stranger Gabriel moves to town, his presence threatens to come between them, as Leo finds himself more and more romantically drawn to Gabriel in ways he never thought possible. A tender and beautiful coming of age tale that perfectly captures teenage romantic angst and sexual awakening in a very real and honest way. Sensual without feeling exploitative, THE WAY HE LOOKS is a wonderful film, a truly touching love story that captures growing up in all of its messy, awkward, sometimes painful beauty.