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  • Creepy


    "I like dogs, but I'm not used to them"

    everything is so visible but never fully in view, partially obscured by glass, plants, fences, polythene, curtains, civility, but never totally out of sight — a film about missing the trees for the wood.

  • Sully


    "a man with no time became a man for all time"

    also a man trapped in time

  • The Killer Elite

    The Killer Elite

    "heroism has become old-fashioned"

  • The Son of Joseph

    The Son of Joseph

    words on this and Caravaggio here.

  • Nocturama


    wrote about this here

  • Safari


    wrote about this here

  • The Happiest Girl in the World

    The Happiest Girl in the World

    something i noticed here that i've never really paid much attention to in cinema: Jude sets an editing routine from the start, only ever cutting away to a new location / time period (pans accommodate movement, or characters speak to voices off-screen), giving the illusion of time passing. Straightforward.

    But during every scene in which Delia argues with her parents about what is going to happen to the car she's just won, Jude breaks this routine and cuts between different…

  • Margaret


    meaningless detail, maybe: an ad above a subway for a broadway play with the words "sold out" emblazoned on it, as if the only way to make something successful is to tell people they can't have it to make them want it, and to give them the impression that they're part of the conversation if they go after it — and isn't that what we all want? No surprise, really, that a large portion of this movie takes place in…

  • Sausage Party

    Sausage Party

    gum is good

  • Forever Mine

    Forever Mine

    give all to love // love keeps us alive

    "some of the details vanished, but the longing remained"

    big cinema, best Schrader i've seen

  • Still Life
  • Woman Is the Future of Man

    Woman Is the Future of Man

    "sir, why are you so pompous when you are around girls?"

    more here