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  • The Lobster

    The Lobster 2015

    ★★★★ Rewatched 09 Feb, 2016

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I don't think she's blind.

  • Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

    Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil 1997

    Watched 31 Jan, 2016

    "Yes. The answer is no."

    Grey areas within binaries, paintings and overpaintings, human behaviour as something to be learned, ghosts and symmetry.

    Weirder than Blood Work. I loved this.

  • Coeurs

    Coeurs 2006

    Watched 17 Jan, 2016

    "what did you say?"
    "it doesn't matter."

    Connections based on (literal) divisions - walls, windows, curtains, bars; relationships based on untruths (false names, secret sexuality, miscommunication, the difference between hearing and listening). If nobody is what they appear to be then nobody really knows anybody, and we're all doomed to be disappointed and alone (with or without another person).

    I wish Resnais had time in his life to make a film about the internet.

  • Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief

    Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief 2015

    Watched 16 Jan, 2016

    Gibney's way of making documentaries is not something I can get behind (stacking the deck in favour of a one-sided argument for two hours, whatever the subject, is propaganda and not to be trusted) but this is somehow more objectionable than anything else of his I've seen. Disgusting.

  • Street of Shame

    Street of Shame 1956

    ★★★★★ Watched 12 Jan, 2016

    "if i'm a whore, what does that make you?"
    "the client!"

  • Changeling

    Changeling 2008

    Watched 09 Jan, 2016

    "They can't do that!"
    "Are you kidding?"

  • The Quiet Man

    The Quiet Man 1952

    Watched 27 Dec, 2015

    wild flowers, wild love

  • Spectre

    Spectre 2015

    ★★★½ Watched 09 Dec, 2015

    into this as the blueprint for making BIG cinema

  • The Crucified Lovers

    The Crucified Lovers 1954

    ★★★★★ Watched 06 Dec, 2015

    "I don't want to die. We must live."

  • An Autumn Afternoon

    An Autumn Afternoon 1962

    ★★★★½ Watched 01 Dec, 2015

    calendars and clocks, usually right next to each other, seem to take up space on the walls of every building in this movie - but not just that. One of the clocks, in the eldest son's modern (if small) apartment, needs to be wound to stop it from stopping, and the calendar in the hyper-Americanised bar shows two months on a single page. Ozu isn't just making us aware of time and its passing, but also how indefinite/imprecise time is.…

  • All That Heaven Allows

    All That Heaven Allows 1955

    ★★★★★ Rewatched 21 Nov, 2015

    "all you have to do is turn that dial and you'll have all the company you want right there"

  • Yella

    Yella 2007

    Watched 18 Nov, 2015

    closed doors treated as if they're open - fascinated by the arbitrary (missing) details in this