Detention 2011 ★★½


Might be lowballing this by half a grade or so, but the first 30 minutes are so suffocatingly impressed by their own cleverness that I just about didn't make it through. Thing is, it actually is pretty clever (and features an outstanding comic performance from Spencer Locke), and it improves considerably as it goes. What feels at first like a glib reference-fest develops into an attempt to construct a diegetic universe entirely out of pop-culture detritus. ("Read a book. It's called POST-IRONY!") The genre-hopping, too, is amusingly bonkers (Planet Starclaw!); at times, it reminded me of Araki's KABOOM in its go-for-broke insanity. But DETENTION, whatever its merits, is not well-served by the comparison. It's less consistent, more labored. You can see it sweat.

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