DNF - Did Not Finish

It is rare that I do not watch an entire movie. As of the time of writing, I do not recall having ever left a theatre before the credits. The films listed here were turned off at home, or I fell asleep attempting to watch them.

  • Playing God
  • Love! Valour! Compassion!
  • Patton Oswalt: No Reason to Complain
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  • Changing Lanes
  • V/H/S


  • The only films I never finished at the Cinema are Star Trek (the original 1970s film), as a 11-12 year old I just very very bored and fell asleep. The other Cinema walk out for me was the George Cloony version of Solaris, being in a multiplex I walked out of that film and wandered into another that had just started, looking at the release diary probably Die Another day which ironically I happen to be watching on ITV2 at the moment!

  • I couldn't get through "V For Vendetta" and I still have no desire to sit through it. Dunno, the thing just felt forced and insincere - well, the half that I saw, anyway.

  • @Luke & @Byron I have not seen any of the movies you DNF. Thanks for your comments. There should be a collaboration function or a poll to learn what the most common DNF films are.

  • I walked out of Munich, but I think I was just in a mood that day. I plan on watching it again soon to make sure.

  • @Ron I haven't seen Munich. You raise an interesting point about deciding when a DNF movie deserves a second chance. Thanks for commenting.

  • @MBarra Yeah I gotta watch it again because it gets a lot of praise so I want to make absolute certain. It's happened to me before. I hated Mulholland Dr back when I originally saw it, but I watched it again recently and loved it.

  • @Ron: Munich I have only seen once when it was released but I found it as very effective thriller.

    @Byron: V for Vendetta is one of my favorite films, I love the design, the plot, the acting - John Hurt is exceptional - the whole mood.

    Another film which popped into my head this morning albeit on VHS rather than at the cinema was Eraser, the Arnie Schwanegger vehicle, loved virtually all his non-comedies (and he has a great cameo in The Expendables) but this did absolutly nothing for me. I took my Son, 8 at the time, to see Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen and he demanded to go home after 2 hours with around 1/2 hour left to go, still never seen the end!

  • @Luke Great stories, thanks for your comments.

  • I've seen Playing God, Benjamin Button, and Changing Lanes, and I liked all three (especially Benjamin Button).

    By the way, I finish every film I start watching... no exceptions... ever.

  • @Richard I usually do finish movies. These are the rare exceptions. If I had been out watching them rather than at home, I may have stuck with them. Thanks for your comment.

  • @Del Boy haha! I've heard it is a glorified screensaver. I haven't seen any of it yet, so I have no opinion. Thanks for commenting on the list.

  • The Tree of Life is a masterpiece and one of the greatest films of all time. That's just my opinion, of course. It really is a "love it or hate it" film, though, and definitely not for everyone. I happen to love (worship) it.

  • Only ever walked out of a movie at the cinema once. That was Eddie Murphy's Raw. I actually started getting sick in the cinema. Got home and spent 3 days in bed with the flu.

    Aside from that, the one fim that sticks in my mind is one I didn't want to watch, but was forced to sit through because it was part of a class I was taking at the time. It was the most ass-numbingly boring film I have ever seen. About half way through the film a window got smashed or broke and everyone in the room woke up and clapped. Mind you, they were asleep again in no time.

  • @Keith Too bad you got sick watching Raw, that is some hilarious stuff. I am curious as to what this boring movie from your class was. Thanks for commenting.

  • Another one for my list: Sucker Punch I liked Zak Snyders 300 & Watchmen so I DLed this and watched about 1/2 and it was just rubbish, time and time again I would watch another 10-20 minutes and despite not exactly hating the idea of seeing scantily clad ladies running around all the time I would just find it impossible to continue watching. I was stored on my PS3 and I was actually glad when my PS3 blew up so I wouldn't have to watch the end!

  • @Luke I've been curious about this movie. Thanks for your comment.

  • To be honest, I thought Delirious was okay, but Raw didn't do it for me. Mind you, I haven't watched it since, so maybe I was influenced by being sick.

    Regarding the other film, I don't remember the film. It was completely forgetable.

  • @Keith I enjoy Delirious. Eddie's "I got my ice cream and you can't have none" bit is still one of my faves.

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