Hero 2002 ★★★★

Awesome cinematography
Awesome storytelling
Bullshit rope-tricks


  • And colors. Soo many happy colors I'm gonna die!

  • It's hard for me to get behind wire fighting, but this is one of the few movies where I think it works. The film is made with a dramatic artistic style that it seems to fit.

  • Hm, it's clearly an artistic film but I don't think that wire fighting provides something more artistic than simple, more or less realistic, martial arts.
    Martial arts for itself is artistic enough. I am convinced that the choreographie of pure realistic martial arts is more "art" than wire fighting :)
    But that's just my opinion

  • Yeah, I can see that. But still, the film felt over the top in every other aspect, I think that the choreography seems to fit. However, you're definitely right. Martial arts has its own artistic qualities and I think the film would have been equally as good with a more realistic approach.

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