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  • Lion



    Oscar bait done right. Sunny Pawar's lost adventures through Calcutta are irresistibly harrowing (give this tyke an honorary kid Oscar, Hayley Mills-style, just for how physically demanding it must have been on him, and how adorable he always looks), the story reaches numerous peaks of touching compassion, Dev Patel is radiant on screen, Rooney Mara even makes an impression in an easy supportive-girlfriend job, and first-time feature film director Garth Davis steers this ship like a seasoned professional. Unless you…

  • Moonlight



    As a movie, I just don't see how "Moonlight" innovates or surpasses any other estimable endeavor involving one or more of the following coming-of-age themes: being a minority, sexual awakening, having an unstable parent, getting bullied in school, being absorbed into the unfortunate socio-economic environment you came from, floating passively through life with a sensitive, soft-spoken disposition...If I were aiming to spite "Moonlight", I could probably list a handful of films pertinent to each of those subjects that considers them…

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  • Green Room

    Green Room



    Is the best way to describe this scrappy, intense, black-comedy thriller from the rising master of scrappy, intense, black-comedy thrillers Jeremy Saulnier. Like his debut "Murder Party", this is a chamber piece, confining a young punk band to mostly one room of a neo-Nazi club they made the mistake of playing at, where they become sitting ducks after witnessing a murder. And close quarters suit Saulnier's modus operandi impeccably, as he once again tackles a succinct premise with an…

  • La La Land

    La La Land



    How to even tackle a review here? From the angle of a creative dreamer, a one-time aspirant to careers in writing and filmmaking who's come to terms with his poor work ethic, lack of talent, and conformity with a life of unfulfilled plans yet still lights up when he sees movies that celebrate the people who tirelessly pursue their artistic goals, with the tiny thought then kindled that hey, maybe it's not too late…