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  • Graduation



    Romeo is a father who wants her daughter Eliza out of the country as soon as possible and get the best education and live freely. Everything is going perfect, Eliza has even got two scholarships lined up and only thing remaining is her to score a 9 pointer in the local examination. But on the day of school Eliza is assaulted and everything that was supposed to smoothly strangles into an unexpected virtue.

    The movie focuses on the role of…

  • Personal Shopper

    Personal Shopper


    The question on which the movie ends with leaves you thinking about everything this movie was about.

    We see Maureen staying overnight in a big house where her brother stayed before he died of heart attack from a rare condition. Maureen wants a sign from her brother, something that they have promised each other. Before it gets even more complicated for me to explain, Maureen and her brother are mediums for the spirit world or the after life or like…

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  • Live by Night

    Live by Night


    When Thelma Schoonmaker was asked how she could have edited such violent films throughout her career, she has reportedly answered, “Ah, but they aren’t violent until I’ve edited them.”

    When you are making a movie like Live by Night, you have to understand that everything has to blend in altogether. The love, the violence, the law, morality, outlaw...EVERYTHING! Because your movie will be compared to Goodfellas, Millers Crossing and many others.

    The movie starts with Joe Coughlin narrating his life…

  • Exodus: Gods and Kings

    Exodus: Gods and Kings


    When I hear the name Ridley Scott, I have a image of Blade Runner in my mind with the atmosphere of Alien and the epicness of Gladiator.

    But for the last few years Ridley Scott has lost his way in the imagery of movies. His recent movies are a visual treat but when we think of the content he is presenting it isn't what he was showing 10 years back.

    Exodus Gods and Kings is a story about Humans and…