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  • Teenage Monster

    Teenage Monster 1958

    Watched 25 Jul, 2013

    So you’ve got a very limited budget and little time to produce a movie to compliment another you’ve already made in a double feature. You need the double feature or you’re not going to be able sell the other movie to cinemas and audiences that crave the perceived value of two movies for the price of one. You’ve got a problem though, your director has just got a better offer the day before principle photography was supposed to start, what’s…

  • Black Ninja

    Black Ninja 2003

    Watched 14 Jul, 2013

    Yet again I’ve been seduced by a title, I’m my own worst enemy.

    This is all Quentin Tarantinos fault really. You can argue that the turn of the millennium resurgence of 70s style Blaxploitation cinema is all down to Quentin, his love of the genre oozes through his screenplays for Reservoir Dogs, True Romance and Jackie Brown. So while we can applaud him for bringing Pam Grier back to our screens it is tempered somewhat by Undercover Brother (2002), Austin…

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  • V/H/S

    V/H/S 2012

    Watched 03 Apr, 2013 2

    Some segments are worse than others, unfortunately we start with the weakest and work up. By the time they picked up i'd all but lost interest.

  • A Bucket of Blood

    A Bucket of Blood 1959

    ★★★★ Watched 01 Apr, 2013

    One of Cormans real classics with an excellent performance from Dick Miller in seemingly the only film he's ever played the lead.