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  • Alice in Wonderland 1951

    Rewatched 14 Aug, 2014

    First half feeling: the customary ambivalence at Disney's by-the-brief weirdness. Second: defeated nostalgia for the Nine Old Men's synaesthesic brilliance - I still want a plate of those bread-and-butterflies - taken to peak lucidity by the original prose. Tops on the whole (a nonsense summary from one to another).

  • Dreamchild 1985

    Watched 10 Aug, 2014 2

    "Featuring the creations of JIM HENSON!" I can't read the small font below, but I'll assume it says "for barely an eighth of the runtime". The rest is flashbacks to Hodgson and ur-Alice's real-world encounters, weaved with a 1930s present day of elderly Mrs. Hargreaves accepting a Columbia degree in his honour. The former is buoyed by Holm, staggeringly good as a man socially adrift without benign absurdity. The latter goes hunting for Hargreaves' arc in a traditional love story…

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  • Locke 2013

    Watched 09 Jun, 2014 1

    now you listen here, ghost dad. concrete is a big fuckin' deal

  • Manakamana 2013

    Watched 15 Jun, 2014 3

    Is it bad that I spent most of this reminiscing about Just Cause 2? Yes yep mhmm sure is Dominic

    (really good tho; "sensory ethnography" indeed)