The Tiger's Tail 2006 ★★½

An interesting look at the priorities in our lives. Not sure about Kim Catrell as a rich Irish princess but is definitely watchable. I kept expecting something more sinister to happen but it remained fairly non-threatening.

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  • If Kim Catrell can be an Egyptian princess, frozen in time, and she can also be a green-eyed bride to an immortal chinese demon, then it's not much of a stretch for me to see her as an Irish princess too. She's really a very versatile actress. She brings a lot of herself to her roles, and I think her early work in Mannequin helped to define her style.

    Oooh. I can be such a bitch. :-)

    You've tagged this with epiphany. Can you elaborate, or would that be a spoiler?

    Great to see you on the site, by the way!

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