White Dog 1982 ★★★★★

When the film was finished Paramount was not sure whether the film would receive a proper reception so this film wasn't given a proper release and was apparently shelved. Today fortunately the film has been removed from the old shelves by the Criterion Collection and presented in it's original uncut version.

I saw White Dog just a few months ago and I was left spellbound. White Dog is not just an amazing thought-provoking experience but has a thrilling aspect that brings us more closer to that experience and the edge of the seat. Sam Fuller achieves this through impressive film-making style (That includes numerous close-ups, zoom, slow-motion shots), the "cartoon" like acting from the cast that really fits the film's atmosphere, Ennio Morriocone's stark yet powerful score and of course the strange medium through which the heinous acts of racism is inflicted: The Dog. And also the enigmatic yet great ending that makes you think more.

I will admit that this film may not be for everyone. But it's brutal reality is something no one can escape from...

Highly Recommended