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  • Boyz n the Hood

    Boyz n the Hood 1991

    ★★★ Watched 08 Jul, 2016

    Mostly comes off like a very capable after school special, hitting all the agreeable social critiques without quite elevating itself beyond a message film. But a few key moments I loved

    - The Stand By Me homage. Seeing a dead body isn't quite so romantic when you can smell it, or know how easily it could be you there

    - The way Singleton lets the crying scene run an uncomfortably long time. I feel most filmmakers get themselves psyched out…

  • Princess Mononoke

    Princess Mononoke 1997

    ★★★ Watched 30 Jun, 2016

    The way the Japanese have fetishized the atomic bombs into all manner of giant unknowable monsters in anime never fails to bore me to death. The subtext may be interesting but the execution is sleep inducing.

    The most interesting thing about this is the very balanced environmentalist message. It hits all the "hurting the forest hurts everyone" notes you'd expect, but never comes around to shaming or blaming the citizens who benefit from it. Miyazaki fully acknowledges how industrialization served…

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  • Romeo and Juliet

    Romeo and Juliet 1968

    Added 8

    Really? No reviews on how you got to see a girl's tits in your 9th grade English class? Shit, letterboxd, get it together

  • After the Ball

    After the Ball 1897

    Watched 11 Mar, 2013 2

    They say up to 75% of silent films have been destroyed. All those fat, misshapen asses, lost, like tears in the rain.