Martin Scorsese's "A Personal Journey through American Movies"

I just watched this fantastic documentary on film by Martin Scorsese and decided to make a list containing all the films showcased. It is not a comprehensive guide to cinema, but a mix of essential films and his personal favorites. It cover 1900-1969, when he started making films, and contains exactly 100 films. This 4 hour documentary comes in 3 parts

1- The films that got Scorsese interested in film as a child, the Hollywood system and genre films; including Western, gangster and musical. Ends with All That Jazz
2-Starting over in the silent era, this part covers technological and storytelling innovations as well as the introduction of themes in Hollywood movies. Also covers film Noir. Ends with Kiss Me Deadly
3- Goes further into themes and motives in film and the changing Hollywood of the 50's leading up to 1969


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