Cloud Atlas 2012

This film has such potential. Both as a narrative and as a comeback for the Wachowski brothers. Exclusive 5 min trailer only on

Though I wonder, have they shown too much?


  • nevermind, they explain why a 5 min trailer in the Directors commentary

  • I really cannot fathom how they are going to tackle this book. It is one of the most ambitious, complex and brilliant works of literature I've ever read!

  • I know. Its either going to be:
    1. The longest movie ever
    2. The most disjointed movie ever
    3. The most awesome movie ever

    Perhaps they should have split it into several movies.

    Though they did that with Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged and that was a horrible mess...

  • Considering how Peter Jackson feels he needs three films to properly translate The Hobbit for the big screen, I really do hope this is a nice long epic in order to properly flesh out what appears to be a complicated story.

  • Character transition shots now up on the official web site... Looking superb, I think this may be the film I'm most looking forward too this year. But it also has the potential to be the biggest let down... I'm crossing everything for a success!

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