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  • The Iron Giant 1999

    Watched 17 Oct, 2014


    Michael joins Lee, at last, for this special themed instalment of the Movie Matters [Music] podcast: the spin-off series where soaring, bombastic, introspective and timeless film scores reverberate. If you've an interest in animated movies and their soundtracks, settle in and enjoy as we discuss and delight in a variety of work by a range of notable composers for the films of Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, Aardman, Studio Ghibli and more --…

  • Frozen 2013

    Watched 17 Jul, 2014

    Join us for the latest instalment of the Movie Matters podcast, as co-hosts Lee Howard and Michael Mackenzie don their tiaras and step into the realms of magic and make-believe to put the two most recent Disney princess animated features -- 2011's TANGLED and 2013's FROZEN -- under the microscope. In addition to discussing these two recent CGI blockbusters, Lee and Michael also discuss their own history with the Disney studio's output as a whole -- hand-drawn and computer generated…

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  • To Live and Die in L.A. 1985

    Watched 04 May, 2014 10

    In the latest episode of the Movie Matters podcast, returning to the airwaves after a brief hiatus, co-hosts Lee Howard and Michael Mackenzie explore the work of maverick director William Friedkin through two distinctly different films: 2006's chilling shocker BUG, starring Ashley Judd and Michael Shannon, and the 1985 crime thriller TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A., starring William Petersen and Willem Dafoe. In addition, we also provide an overview of Friedkin's career as a director and recount our own…

  • Blow Out 1981

    Watched 23 Nov, 2011

    In this episode of the Movie Matters podcast, regular co-hosts Lee Howard and Michael Mackenzie are joined by special guest Daniel Sardella to discuss the films of Brian De Palma. The three hosts cast an eye over three of the equally celebrated and derided filmmaker's most infamous thrillers - SISTERS, BLOW OUT and BODY DOUBLE - and induct another Blu-ray transfer into the Movie Matters Hall of Fame.

    Listen to our review of BLOW OUT.

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