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  • The Prowler 1981

    ★★★½ Watched 18 Apr, 2014

    I want you to be my date, Rose.
    -The Prowler

    A blatant Halloween and Friday the 13th ripoff, which to be honest is par for the course when it comes to early 80s slasher films. Get a setting for the teenagers, a gimmick for your killer and you're good to go. This one however gets slightly elevated by surprisingly good production quality, a decent cast of likeable actors and, what is probably it's strongest selling point, gore maestro extraordinaire Tom…

  • Benny & Joon 1993

    ★★★ Watched 17 Apr, 2014

    You can't throw him out, I won him!

    If you suffer from mental illness please seek out the advice of a mechanic, washed up actress and/or a Buster Keaton enthusiast. Just ignore trained mental health professionals as they simply exist to "keep you down".

    You can either nitpick the film's portrayal of schizophrenia, which they simply call "mental illness", or you can let the cuteness of the film wash over you. Screenwriter Barry Berman might have something to say…

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  • Jaws: The Revenge 1987

    ½ Rewatched 02 Jul, 2013 50


    Instead of doing a review I will just point out the crap that inhabits this film.

    - The shark roars like a lion.
    - Mario Van Peebles does a Jamaican accent
    - The shark swims from New York to the Bahamas in less then 3 days.
    - This is the sequel that popularized the tagline "This time it's personal!"
    - African Americans feet apparently look Caucasian under water
    - The god damn shark is hunting one family, even…

  • The Dark Knight Rises 2012

    ★★★★½ Watched 19 Jul, 2012 315

    I'm Gotham's reckoning.

    Superhero films finally have a good trilogy. I'm not proclaiming this on the same level as The Lord of the Rings Trilogy or the original Star Wars Trilogy, but I'm saying this is by far the best superhero trilogy we've ever had. With that said, it's competition for that title wasn't exactly stiff. I'm also a huge Marvel Comics fanboy so it hurts a little admitting that.

    The story is epic in scope and takes full…