Lockout 2012 ★★

You're a big girl, right? Here's an apple and a gun. Don't talk to strangers, shoot them.

My first instinct before watching this movie was that it's simply Escape From New York in outer-space. After watching it, I can't see how the filmmakers can say it's not. The film's premise isn't the only thing similar, the entire tone of the film including the hero (anti-hero) are similar as well. Having a similar hero though is the best thing about the film because Guy Pearce is playing him. Granted it's his most one dimensional character he's ever done, but he was good at it and I enjoyed his one liners through out the movie.

Guy Pearce really made me want to love this movie while Maggie Grace really made me want to hate it. Seems like she has one facial expression for everything which wouldn't be so bad if her character wasn't central to the plot. She also played Shannon on LOST, a character that I always thought just had a blank expression because she was a materialistic barbie doll, turns out it wasn't the character.

The action is well filmed, but there's nothing really memorable in it. The plot on the other hand has some truly stupefying moments in it. How the prison break occurs is ludicrous beyond belief. This "Super Maximum Security Prison" in outer-space has a section in it that has less security then my local pawn shop.

I think Guy Pearce makes an excellent action hero, but this isn't the movie that's going to make him an action star.


  • The film does more than just copy Escape from New York. Nearly everything about the film is stolen from another movie. Especially the thing about his name, which is a direct copy from a Stallone film.

    I also, have to ask about which version you saw. Because I'm assuming from the comment about the action being good that you saw the European uncut version. The US PG-13 version we had contained some of the worst action I've ever seen.

  • I saw the UK version, it was rated a 15, so we had some gore scenes in ours. The action was ok, this film isn't anything great, and I do agree about Maggie Grace being quite plain, she was like that in Taken, and looks like that again in Taken 2. Pearce was good, and could pull off being an action star.
    In the end it's not the worst action film I've ever seen, some of these straight to DVD or VOD action films look a lot worse, you know the ones with all the WWF fighters in them, or Billy Zane!

  • @Cinebro: I didn't say the action was good, I said the "action is well filmed" lol. I thought the action was neither bad or good. Like Mike said it isn't the worst thing I've ever seen. The plot holes bothered me more then the action.

    @Mike: Guy Pearce can probably be good at any role he wants to do lol

  • Yes I think Pearce is an excellent actor!

  • Apparently he also doesn't grow old either. He looks as young, if not younger then he did in L.A. Confidential (1997)

  • Well if its well filmed, one would suppose it's good, right?

    But that's besides the point. I was wondering if you saw the European cut, or the US cut.

    Also, I don't think this was the worst film ever either. As you said, Guy Pearce saves a lot of it. It's a part of my Guy Pearce rule. He always elevates the quality of the film just by his appearance. I shiver at what could have been had somebody else been in this film.

  • OH sorry... right... I think it said unrated, but it was only like 95 minutes long and there's some scenes that looked cut for gore... like a scene where a guy's head gets blown off, you don't see it happen and it's edited in a very odd manner. So I'm guessing the US Unrated Cut might still be tamer then the UK version.

    And yes Guy Pearce is awesome. I'd love to see him play this character in a better movie.

  • Yes... yes Guy Pearce is awesome :-)

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