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This review reportedly contains spoilers.
I can handle the truth.


  • @Jonathan Seamans: Made it to the second paragraph... gonna have to bookmark that for later. It's funny that the blanks left open for speculation seems to drive people to love or hate this movie.

  • @Jonathan Seamans: Very interesting read. Makes my post seem primitive lol

  • This may also be one of those times where by filling in the gaps with assumptions and extrapolations is a process by which we give considerably more credit to the filmmakers than deserved.

  • @Rahat Ahmed: Stop being a party pooper :-(

    Seriously though, I find that article interesting to read, but I do think that a lot of what is being read into it is supposed to be left ambiguous. Like I think the 2000 year thing is supposed to suggest that religion (the creation of, or crucifixion) was the downfall of mankind, but I doubt they intend it to signify something specific like that article mentions.

    You can take that anyway you want, whether it's trying to be old school sci-fi where there's more suggestions then answers... or whether it was their way of saying that religion is to blame without having to come right out and say it in the film. I understand some people could be touchy about that sorta thing.

    In the end it seems a lot of people just enjoy it being ambiguous, while others see it as anything but clever. In the end it's all subjective to the individual.

  • All the theories and speculation aside, I friggin loved Michael Fassbender in this.

  • Great review, sums up my thoughts perfectly.

    About to re-watch it!

  • Nice! I find it looks better in 2D... well compared to the "RealD 3D" at the theaters anyways.

  • I can watch it in both - got a new TV that supports 3D, a few months ago - but though films can sometimes look better in 3D, I'd rather not try it outside of theaters, for want of comfort.

  • Great review! Planning to re-watch it soon. I was on the fence regarding the blanks left as I felt that there were way too many and some of them felt pushed in. The scene from Shaw's dream is almost a replica of what Prince Gautam asked which is a foundation of him starting his journey to become the Buddha. I didn't think it fit the movie at all where sacrifice and faith were the running theme.

  • Thanks Nimit! It seems to be a polarizing film for most. I never thought about the dream like that... maybe this is an excuse to watch it again. :)

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