Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1974 2009 ★★★★½

Little girl goes missing, the pack salivates. If it bleeds it leads, right?
-Eddie Dunford

Andrew Garfield surprised the hell out of me in this. I had only seen him in The Social Network and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, both of which don't come close to displaying his acting skills like he did in this.

The movie is incredibly well shot and directed by Julian Jarrold. The tone of the film is perfectly captured from the beginning and doesn't let up till the end. It's a miracle that it didn't send me into a depression as it's very bleak.

The movie is sold as a serial killer movie, but the murders are almost just used as a backdrop for the corruption and evil that goes on in Yorkshire. It could be described as a film noir as we follow Eddie Dunford the reporter that thinks he knows everything, but is in far over his head in things he doesn't even understand yet.

When it comes down to it I think it's the directing that really put this movie over for me as I think this story and script might have been less impressive in someone else's hands.


  • I really liked this one. I haven't watched the last one yet, but I should get around to it. Agree completely, Garfield is great in this. As was Rebecca Hall, I really liked her.

  • Don't wait too long. The third one ties everything together and it's a bit brutal on the stuff you have to remember lol.

  • I guess I'm fucked in that case. It's been a long time since I watched the first two.

  • Well you never know, you might be smarter then me and have no problem remember everything :-)

  • That's a nice thought ;) who is the lead in part 3? Is it Sean Bean?

  • No but he's on the cover lol. It's between two characters this time... Mark Addy, might have seen him in Game of Thrones, he doesn't usually stand out in movies but he does a good job in 1983... the other lead is David Morrissey which is funny because his character is kinda in the background of the two other films, but it really pays off in the third.

  • Ah, all right. Either way, Sean Bean is great! ;)

  • Yes... and for some reason I wasn't thinking about Sean Bean being in Game of Thrones too, especially since almost all of Mark Addy's scenes are with him. Yes Sean Bean is awesome. There's a YouTube video titled something like "Sean Bean Death Scenes" that I'm dying to watch, but at the same time I'm scared that it'll spoil a movie I haven't seen yet lol.

  • Yeah, I think I stopped it just after pressing play. He does have good death scenes though.

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