Red Tails 2012 ★★★★

George Lucas’s last blockbuster production before he finally decided to dedicate 100% of his time to his true destiny: forever re-releasing Star Wars movies. That’s what this recent article told me, although to be fair, it was all in between the lines. (It’s also confusing how they talk about the movies Lucas “made” meaning produced, not directed.)

Given the special effects were done by Industrial Light & Magic, the fact that the dogfights look spectacular goes without saying. It needs to be said anyway. The visuals are breathtaking, the big screen really feels big, and the action sequences are riveting.

And yes, it’s just an action movie. It has none of the appropriate respect to the horrors of that most terrifying of the two world wars. Its portrayal here is simplistic, romantic, warm even, lacking in both breadth and depth. The only accuracy is reserved for bullets hitting planes. But the movie never promises anything else and within 10 seconds of the opening you’ll know what you see is what you get – a nice, entertaining, ultimately forgettable two hours of whatever fancy new technology replaced celluloid.


  • Wow, I did not expect high marks from you on this.

  • My friend’s quote: “I know the rubbish you watch – the bottom end of your standards is a terrifying mystery.” :·)

  • Jeez, 4 stars for an ultimately forgettable movie? Let me guess, you also liked Pearl Harbor? This film is equally as awful as Pearl Harbor.

  • Hey, sorry so much to have offended you. I honestly never wanted that to happen. Just let me know which rating I should change it to, and the same goes for Pearl harbor, of course – I watched it a while back but indeed, I realized now that it was worth so much less after your insightful comment.

    Would also really appreciate any feedback you might have on the fact that I gave five stars to both Ghostbusters 2 and Bad boys. Thanks!

  • Thanks for apologizing for having offended me. No seriously, I know it's your opinion but stars should totally be like unobtainium, not candies that you give out so freely :)

    Why you threw in Ghostbusters 2 and Bad Boys baffled me. I have high opinion of both films (Bay's earlier work are some of my favorite), they were great but more importantly they didn't set out to destroy a historic moment in history like Red Tails and Pearl Harbor had done.

  • This comment was much better than your previous one, which was a bit too ad hominemy for my taste.

    But in the end, what a reviewer does with their stars is up to them. I had a lot of fun watching Red tails, and hence four stars. No shame in recognizing that. It’s called entertainment industry for a reason.

    Was the movie offensive in its naïve portrayal of WWII? That’s a much better question than whether lasting value is necessary to award a movie a certain rating. It didn’t offend me personally just as I could enjoy Chuck Norris movies back in the day without feeling they desecrate Vietnam War – but I can see how it might some people.

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