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  • Annabelle 2014

    ★★ Added

    New horror can be enjoyable in its beautiful construction of convincing costume, set and atmosphere of an era.

    We had fun, me and Annabelle, I had hoped she would scare me, even a little.

    She did not.

  • Afflicted 2013

    ★★★★ Added

    I enjoyed this unfortunate tale.

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  • Ghost Story 1981

    ★★★★★ Added 3

    I'm not sure how i have only recent seen this movie, i feel cheated that it isn't on my list of films that freaked me out as a kid.

    Watching it now i can see how freaked out i would have been, and how rewatching it would have tapped into that experience, just like watching The Shining or Amityville.

    Oh the waste!

    Still even now it is a genuinely creepy movie with excellent special effects, CGI has made the whole gooey skeleton industry plain lazy.

  • The Ruins 2008

    ★★★★ Added

    I just loved this movie, its nothing new i know but its a good story well played out.

    I despaired for these characters and freaked out with them.

    Read the book after too, its just as delightful.