The Beaver 2011 ★★★

Mel Gibson's amazing performance saves an otherwise okay film that gets bogged down in subplots. Somehow he pulls off every second of an intentionally bizarre premise.

Though Foster herself maintained that it's a family drama, it's more a character piece, albeit misguided.

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  • I actually liked the Anton Yelchin/Jennifer Lawrence subplot better than the beaver thing. But you're right the whole movie kind of bogs down through a major chunk of the running time.

    The end is pretty outlandishly solid though.

  • Weird -- I couldn't stand any of Yelchin's scenes. I just don't think he's a very good actor. He did okay in Fright Night, but the role didn't call for much, and he was laughably bad in Star Trek.

  • I won't defend him to the death, but he's got a certain swagger to him that I like - that could definitely turn people off. But he's pretty good in Like Crazy and Charlie Bartlett.

    But mostly I was referring to the subplot of the smart kid writing papers for everyone and doing it REALLY well. I kind of liked that angle. I'm sure it's nothing new, but after a while of Gibson puppeteering it became much more interesting.

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