Art & Copy 2009 ½

The last scene of this, where the circle-jerk is building towards it's final triumphant crescendo, and ad-men are literally spouting things like "I believe advertising can.. ah.. (*single tear welling in corner of eye*) change people's lives".. is so outrageous I was speechless when it ended.

If you're interested in hearing what the biggest players in the ad game have to say, then this is the film for you my friend. Just don't be surprised that what they have to say is a raging river of self-aggrandising, hyper-sentimentalised "we're creating dreams" bukkake that should make any sane person feel dirty in a way that a belt sander can't help you with.


  • An Ad man comparing himself to Toulouse-Lautrec makes me a little sick in my own mouth. Change the world, drink the Kool-Aid™, Just Do It.

  • I think half a star is a little unfair as the portrayal is largely accurate of the industry and it did give insight. But I just had to comment as your review shared an identical sentiment to my take back when I saw it.

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