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  • The Bye Bye Man

    The Bye Bye Man


    It unfolds like a ghost story that you’ve heard a dozen times over bonfires. Add to that, a suspiciously Voldemort-like character (the Bye Bye Man is a pale, bald man whose name must not be uttered).

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  • The Wretched

    The Wretched


    All you need to know is this: it's a love triangle between an adult man, a teenage girl and a little boy. How can it not be interesting!

    Haraamkhor is hilarious in the most unimaginable way possible. Everything happening onscreen is morally, legally incorrect but you forget the ages and stick with the characteristics of these people.

    It's the first time I've wanted a movie to go on a little longer (not exactly because it was that good, but because I wanted to see these people more).

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  • Wild



    I had never seen Reese Witherspoon as a versatile actress before this. Is this really the same woman from Legally Blonde? It cannot be.

    And Laura Dern; merely 9 years older than Witherspoon, taking on the role of her mother and ending up the heart and soul of the movie. Kudos!

    For someone who would rather spend his days with his head on the pillow than his feet on the ground, this was exciting and moving in ways I hadn't imagined.

  • Enemy



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A legitimate moody mindfuck, if there ever was one.

    I'm going to be honest here and admit that while I had a dozen theories swirling in my head, reading about the movie, the theme, the ending made things much clearer. Hindsight is 20/20 :)

    About 60 minutes into the movie, I genuinely thought that the mother was actually raising twin boys separately. The scene where she tells Adam to "give up on the third rate acting" - I thought she'd…