The Great Mouse Detective 1986 ★★★★★

For Disney to have a crack at an anthropomorphised version of Sherlock Holmes, you would predict a compromised outcome. Unpredictably that isn’t the case; this is brilliant and more precisely it’s one of the best versions of Sherlock Holmes I’ve seen. It’s an under seen and underappreciated gem, from the company who is more renowned and successful with its musicals. Both this and Rescuers Down Under prove that Disney is more than just a one trick pony. Loved Basil the Great Mouse Detective, love everything about it. For a movie that has TV series written all over it, it’s a huge shame that Eve Titus’ books never went any further.


  • this completely fell off my radar, the kids will love this. Is this is another DVD out of print and no Bluray as Disney are being hateful twats special?

  • its an old DVD, maybe about 10 year old. It seems Disney don't care if they can't sell it in 3D and rake in the cash. This demands to be seen by a new audience, such a great movie.

  • It is still in print, just looked on Amazon. Blimey. That is rare for Disney, obviously it's massively overpriced, but hey ho....

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