Top Cat 2011

Mexico might love top cat more than anywhere else, but that doesn’t excuse releasing this cheap culturally irrelevant film. It’s like a 10 minute episode stretched to 90 minutes. At that length, it far exceeds its welcome. It also has some of the worst animation I've ever seen in a movie. It would be good for a web series, brilliant in fact, for a cinema released feature? Top Cat the Movie is terrible, a pointless little film, with questionable appeal to justify its release outside of Mexico. Kids don't care about Top Cat and people who watched it as a kid largely don't care enough to see it, especially when it looks as bad as this.


  • Having loved the show when I was a kid, this new film looks awful. I don't even think the younger kid in me would want to see this shit.

  • Having seen the show when I was a kid AND knowing people from Mexico that loved the show, we can safely assure you that this movie is utter crap.

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