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  • Rasputin: The Mad Monk 1966

    ★★★★ Watched 16 Oct, 2014 4

    Melodramatic, wildly inaccurate (historically speaking) and as cheap to make as the price of a packet of Atomic Fireballs in the 90's, Rasputin does not deserve to be as brilliant as it actually, honestly, God-help-me is.

    Christopher Lee as the mad Russian monk with his supernatural healing powers and hairy face utterly dominates the screen. Horse-and-cart-jacking his way from one drinking game to the next, womanising, hypnotising and bellowing all the way to the top, Lee is absolutely superb.


  • Vampyr 1932

    ★★★ Watched 14 Oct, 2014

    Thus completes my Carl Theodor Dreyer watchlist! Well, the five "major" films he is known for, in any case.

    As others have pointed out a lot more eloquently than I can muster, the plot here is weak. It's almost secondary to the imagery and themes Dreyer hopes to convey. Is it meant to be an atmospheric horror film? A surrealist expressionism movie? A supernatural whodunnit? It never particularly satisfies fully in any area. It's a very muddled film. Would you…

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  • Crash 2004

    Watched 16 Dec, 2012 46

    Wow what a revelation. Apparently black people can be racist of white people, white people can be racist of black people, black people can be racist of black people, black people can be racist of hispanic people, white people can be racist of middle-eastern people, middle eastern people can be racist of hispanic people, hispanic people are nice, white people can't be racist of white people.


    Those same black people can be nice to white people, those white people…

  • First Blood 1982

    ★★★★ Watched 15 May, 2012 5

    I kind of thought it would be a mindless action film where Sly goes around killing the bad guys in the jungle with his machine gun and that's about it. Like Predator, I guess, just without the Predator.

    I was wrong. It's excellent. I found it very entertaining, and also quite sad. Sure, Rambo is this bad-ass, super elite soldier who can kill a man practically by looking at him with his wonky face, but I never realised there was…