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  • Big Hero 6 2014

    ★★★½ Watched 12 Feb, 2015

    Exceeded my expectations although I just wish there had been more Baymax and less "Marvel". I felt a bit confused at times, like, they were just trying to reach everyone while maybe forgetting younger kids a little. I did shed a couple of tears, but there just wouldn't be a lot in this film without Baymax.

  • All Is Bright 2013

    ★★ Watched 03 Feb, 2015

    Really just quite a poor film. I wish it wasn't, I love both Giamatti and Rudd and was looking forward to watching this. I just didn't manage to get a lot out of it and even as a mumblecore fan I found it really slow and fairly boring. Also, wtf was Sally Hawkins doing, her acting as the Russian lady was so incredibly bad and usually I like her a lot. Really put me off.

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  • Tiny Furniture 2010

    ★★★★ Watched 27 Nov, 2012 2

    I haven't watched any 'Girls' yet, but I think I'll have to now. I think this film hit a bit too close to home at times, definitely can relate to the main character a lot and I'm not sure if I like that. :--D It got a bit flatter towards the ending, but still a good film.

  • Gone Girl 2014

    ★★★½ Watched 04 Nov, 2014

    Gone Girl has a tight grip but would it work during a second viewing? I don't know.