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  • Fantastic Mr. Fox 2009

    Watched 22 Nov, 2014 1

    The last time i saw this was an afternoon during half term and the cinema was full of screaming, mildly terrified and confused children.. to be honest it was such a bad experience it's put me off giving the film a 2nd chance for 5 years.

    Well, i eventually got round to it and i must say im glad i did. It's really not a kids film in the way we view such ventures in this day and age, its…

  • As Above, So Below 2014

    Watched 21 Nov, 2014

    Better than average horror in the Found Footage genre. Impossibly capable young archaeologists play like tweenie Indiana Joneses as they solve riddles putting them on a literal path to Hell.

    would have enjoyed one final twist, but it had me hugging my pillow at several points prior to that.

    Not seen the female lead before, but she was particularly good, a strong and intelligent leader. good role models n that.

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