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  • Point Break

    Point Break 2015

    ★½ Watched 04 Dec, 2016

    This could have been called literally any other title. I'm only giving the 1 and a half because the stunt sequences were well done.

  • Ghostbusters

    Ghostbusters 2016

    ★★★½ Watched 29 Oct, 2016

    I watched this without seeing a single trailer for it. And I thought it was pretty funny. If this had been it's own thing or an actual sequel, I think it wouldn't have gotten so much crap.

Popular reviews

  • Pacific Rim

    Pacific Rim 2013

    ★★★ Watched 19 Oct, 2013

    The fight scenes are amazing. They look great, sound great and are what you want in a monster movie.

    Sadly, the story and the dialogue are well worn. Practically every action movie cliche is there.

  • The Prey

    The Prey 1984

    ½ Added

    Quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen. To make the movie longer, there are random shots of bugs in close up.